Poland to NYC: My Mom and Her Immigration Story

My mom and I cover topics ranging from her decision to immigrate with me to the US at such a young age, growing up in a rural village, and transitioning to the “Big Apple.” We also spoke about what it...

The Way that Racism was like Back then.

My dad talks about how his life was like living in New Jersey in the late 60’s and how he saw differences with life in the west coast when he moved here in the 80’s.

My grandmother talks about her life.

My grandmother and I discuss and about major points in her life, as well as talk about the smaller details that made her who she is today.

How was it?

Ben (I) interviews his mother about experiences she had throughout her life comparing life in a foriegn country very different from the US, challenges, religion, and growing up and maturing for the Great Listen 2019. (Tito – Filipino word for...