interviewing my mom

i chose to interview my mom for the great thanksgiving listen. i learned so much about her, her early childhood, dreams, passions for me, and so much more. i really enjoyed this and hope to save this forever.

Interview with my nana

We discussed about her having childing and any advice that she’d like to give me.

Ann’s life

My mom talked about the dumbest thing she did and who her favorite child was and how her personality was when she was a child

Lisa’s Story

This is about Lisa Story as a kid. It is all about what she did and what she loves about that time in her life.

Mom’s journey

We talked about mom’s life of what she was like as a child and what I was like as a child. We basically talked about the main highlights of mom’s life growing up and now.


we talked about what it is like to reflect and understand people, and how to approach people with kindness in all walks of life. i also rambled a lot.

Bailee 2

In this interview we talked about life, past and present. We talked about ways to change how your life is and was.