Tells about Korea and her life.

Grandma Marsha

This interview is of my grandma who loved the interview process

The life of Nancy pantaleoni and her experiences as a child to an adult (shortened)

Nicholas Pantaleoni (13) interviews his grandmother Nancy Pantaleoni (77) about her life as a child, and her experiences as an adult.

Best friend

Getting to know my bestfriend better and letting you guys know more about her and where she comes from.

Alex’s interview

Zion interviewed Alex and asked him some pleasant questions.

English 2A: Interview

An short interview with my mother about aspects of her life.

Cierra Dionne-2018

My grandmother and I talked about many different topics.


We talked about her life growing up

Me and my dad.

Just a way that I could get to know my dad a little better. So then I could pass this to my kids and so on.

Interview with My Mother

In this interview I asked my mom about her childhood, and about her hopes for the future.

Great Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his childhood and how times have changed. Also about the toll of the Vietnam war.

Oral narrative project

I interviewed my Aunt Heather about what she loves about her life and her job.

interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Alexis Hoelzer, and asked her questions about growing up in the 50’s and about her life.

My Interview with my mother, Valerie Fuller

I asked Her a variety of questions that were answered honestly