Gill and Mom!

This is an invrerview with my mom, were talking about things she wish she had done or thiggs she will do. I love my mom and Im glad Ill always be able to hear her voice now even when Im...

Lisa’s Story

This is about Lisa Story as a kid. It is all about what she did and what she loves about that time in her life.

Interview with Poppy

Asking him about his childhood and things I didn’t know about his life.

“It wasn’t easy” – Growing up in New York

My grandfather talks about the changes he experienced and how difficult life was growing up in New York with nothing. He discusses his relationship with his brother and some stories from schooling in Cuba. How he managed to overcome immense...

Talks with Mom

We discussed different aspects of my mom’s life ranging from her childhood to now.

The life of Katty

I’ve interviewed my mother and asked her about her life growing up in Ecuador. And I found more out about her life and journey to America.

All about my Nonna

About my amazing grandmother, her life, and everything she has done for the people she loves

Grace interviews her Grandma about her life
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This interview told the story of my grandma and her young life and present life. The interview talks about the struggles of the great the depression and the life of someone who grew up in it. The interview also talks...

Interview with My Mother’s Coworker Curtis Winfield

In the interview we talk about Mr. Winfields life. I learned things I didn’t know about him.

Interviewing My Father on His Life

My father and I discuss his struggles in life, his experiences and other things.

Matthew and his grandmother talk about his grandmother’s life.

In this interview conducted in June 2018 in Oceanside BY, Matthew Friedman (14) interviews his grandmother, Debbie Chaplin. They discuss his grandmother’s life. Specifically, her childhood and his mother’s childhood are discussed.

Interview: My Grandma’s Life While Growing Up

My grandma’s life while growing up in upstate New York

Noah’s interview with Joan

This is a interview about a 12 year old boy interviewing his grandma.

Interview of Mom

In this interview, I spoke with my mom, Melanie Friedman.

Interview with mom

We talked about my mother’s life, from when she was a child to now.