Jensen project

We talked about her life. What her childhood was like and things like that.


Talking to my dad about his life.

Sean Kelly’s Life

I interviewed my sisters fiancé about his adventures so far in life.

The Interview

We talked about my grandma’s life and what she was proudest of. We also talked a bit about her childhood.

Paul on the ups and downs of life

Paul discusses the triumphs and struggles he’s faced.

Thanksgiving interview with nini

She answered questions about her past.

Story Corps: William Waldrop

We talked about my fathers life and the people and opportunities that influenced him.

Me and my mom

My mom's struggle and wisdom on life

Interview with dad

In the interview we reflected on my dads life, and how and why he’s proud of me

Dad’s Interview

An overview of my Dad’s present and past, as well as his success as well as memories. He describes his life in India and his travel to the United States, in addition to events that he feels has defined his...

Mammas life

My mom tells me about a short memoir of how a trip to Italy affected her life.

My mom

My mother and her family's life.

Interviewing Tonya Thompson

Reviewed childhood memories through adulthood, including the difficult and exciting steps along the way.

The legacy of my grandfather

Asking my Grandfather stories about his life

Peer connectors

Interviewing my sister on how life as been for her during high school and after.

Interview with Grandpa

Ask different questions about his life

Aaron Dean and Jerry Effertz

The success and experiences in the life of Jerry Effertz.