An interview with my mom

On a Sunday night I chose to interview my mom and find some interesting details about her that I never knew

My interview

Speaks to me about how he viewed his future and how he got to where he is today.

Shantelle ( moms interview )

I take a second to get one on one about my moms life in great detail. From her childhood, to her favorite thing about me ! Great bonding experience.

I Teach You and You Teach Me

In this interview, see how it is like to be a high school teacher, the struggles, the relationship you make, the experiences as a teacher. Ms. Graves tells a bit about her story of why she wanted to become a...

Interview of a MBHS student.

Lawrence talked about his life and experiences.

The Humanely Emotional Experience

Talking to a 20 year old college student about the human experience through the lense of her emotions

Emily Yeatman and an old highschool classmate Ashlee Maney discussing how COVID-19 has affected their lives.

Emily Yeatman: 2020-12-03 21:43:40 In this interview, conducted in December 2020 in Wilmington Delaware, Emily Yeatman (20) interviews old highschool classmate Ashlee Maney (20) about the effects the novel coronavirus has taken on Ashlee's on-campus life and job. They also...

interview with my grandmother

My grandmother and I talked about her childhood and her hardest experiences that she had overcomed.

Interview with Richard

Richard talked about some of the lessons that he had learned over his life. He also talked about lessons that he would pass down to future generations.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with Mrs. Charlotte Holliday, the founder of the non-profit organization I am a part of.

Childhood to Adult

We talked a lot about her high school life and childhood life. I also asked about her blessings in life and how her teenage years blossomed her to be who she is today. The difference between her high school life...

Karen Vonderheide Spencer

This is an interview with my mom discussing meaningful moments in her life.

Interview with Terra Luft

Talked about Terra’s life and working with the League of Utah Writers.

The great thanksgiving listen with Toni (2019) mrs. Romero

This is a interview with one of my godmothers and some questions I wanted to ask

Hold this life's moment in your hands, and squeeze it tight! Interview with Esther conducted by Jessica.

Esther (87) shares her life experience will growing up in Berlin, Germany and England during the war, and then her transition to United States.

Interview with Dad

Dad talks about his life and experiences