Morton east student Natalie Lara interviewed her father Jose Lara

Natalie Lara asked questions about his childhood and life experiences he has had ever since he was little. Also his experience of him come to the United States struggles he had and dreams he has as a child.

Thanksgiving Interview

Talking into detail about life and experiences

Journey from Cuba.

In this interview, conducted on April 21st 2019 in Orange, CA, Connor tapia (21) interviews his mother, Madelin Tundidor about her childhood experiences as well as the hardships that she has faced in her life. She shared stories of her...

Consuelo & Melissa’s Interview

My grandma , and I have a strong bond . I’m her first granddaughter , so it feels to hear her story , and advice for me .

What was life growing up

My interview will be about how was life when my mother lateaka perry was growing up as a kid. And how her child hood was like as a young single mother , if she could go back in time and...

Interviewing My Mom

My mom talks about her early life and memories she has. She shares life experiences that make her who she is today.

My Mom's Childhood/Experiences

I asked my mom questions about her childhood and her experiences in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

An interview with my Dad about the things he has experienced and such

Life as a Female Pastor

My mom is freaking cool. She’s pushed through a lot to get to where she is, and still is willing to give her all for Jesus

English 100

Military experience, place of origin, ethnicity and intersection.

Interview of my father

Foy Melendy (46) talks with his son Mason Melendy (16) about his childhood and his life after that

Joy G and Cassidy W

My name is Cassidy (18) I interviewed a family friend named Joy Gier. Joy is a mother, grandmother, and wife who also works in fashion design. Joy is around 56 years old (I’m not sure of her exact age but...

Interview with Mary Kay on 4/12/2021.

Mary Kay’s reflections on experiences in her life and memories of me.

Kayla Tamez interview Mrs. Maria McNair, Director of Lutheran Services Florida Duval County Early Head Start and Head Start Program.

This is an interview to honor Mrs. Maria McNair and her exceptional dedication to Jacksonville's early childhood education. Mrs. McNair shares her life experiences, thoughts, and views on how she has become who she is today.


I interviewed my mom about her life and her experiences. We started with her earliest memories of major current events in that time period, then transitioned into her background and what she accomplished at a young age. She then talked...