Cate and an I.T School staff

In this interview in November 2018, Cate (16) and Mr. Bulick talk about his teen life and giving advice to people who are listening

Unexpected surprise saved my future

Ashley Toledo explains how her daughter saved her life. She also explains how her relationship changed when she found out she was pregnant. She says anyone who is in a bad relationship always has the choice to leave and that...

Thanksgiving Interview

I was questioning my father, Mark, about his life as somebody who was in the military. We also discussed his adventures and what it was like for him and what he saw while deployed.

Interview with Jody

Talked to my nana about her family and what she values in life

Story Corps

the person that Interview is called Mehari Dante, they are 53 years old and they are a family friends. they talked a lot about childhood memories, relationships with other family/ hard ship of traveling into different country in a young...

Gpa interview :)

We went over 4 questions talking about when my grandpa was younger. The interview went chronology, we started when he was very young and went up to high school and through college and career. He gave insights on those memories...

Interview at UTC

We talked about some life moments in Jeff’s life.

Lit Life: Alyssa Lee and John Naisbitt discuss the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

A student and her former history teacher discuss the argument Life of Pi presents on religion and the power of the human spirit.

Interview with Carrie Bennetti

I interviewed my grandmother Carrie. We talked about different parts of her life and different people in her life.

Susan discusses her life, how it has developed and the hurdles she overcame to be where she is today, with her son.

Susan (45) talks to her son, Chase (16), about her childhood, growing up in Philadelphia, and where she ended up now. From how society has changed to how it’s still the same today as it was 40 years ago, she...

Practice Interview

Practice interview about Lara’s life, lessons, and future.

A Talk With My Tutor

We talked about life lessons and accomplishments.

interview with tristan
August 14, 2022 App Interview

this interview is with tristan. he talks about life lessons and other stuff.

The Crazy Old Lady That Raised Me

Today I talked with my grandma; she is currently 59 years old. We talked about how she had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and mother who didn't show any compassion or love. Her grandparents owned a farm where...

Haj and her thoughtful answers

In this interview Haj answers my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly

Novel Recommendations: Ensuring a Complete Education. Mark and Annie Huetteman talk book recommendations and the impact of literary merits.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Annie Huetteman interviews her father, Mark Huetteman, about how literature has played a role in his life. He recommends to her a literary merit to complete her high school education.

Annie and Molly

Annie 45 years old, who has learn alot of lessons in her life from her companion Molly the dog.

Ellie Gatewood’s interview with Karen Sturges

My grandmother talked about various stories about her childhood and stories in her life. A lot of what came up were very important life lessons we can all live by

Thanksgiving Listenung Project Interview

Interviewed my dad for the Thanksgiving Listening Project. I learned about his school, favorite teacher, summers, voting, and life lessons.