Story corps

This was an interview with my mother getting to know her struggles and successful sistuations in life

Our life of teens

In this interview we talked about her live in high school and the many regrets she had .And we also talked about our childhood memories .

Marisol’s life

Interview with my brother’s girlfriend

Extra credit

Zach (answering questions) got into his life

Johnson-The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Things that we talk about revolved around life skills and advice for young individuals regarding money, relationships, and time.

Ruben’s life

I interviewed Ruben Chapa, he is my roomate and he's tell us a little bit about his life.

LGBTQ Community/ Self Problems

2 friends talking about how the LGBTQ community and how life problems affected the other one badly and how good it felt to be the way he/she is.

Podcast 1

Questions to ask to fall in love

Memories of a mere copy

Sharia talks about family, work, and looks back on her life as it is with her daughter Sabrina.