Proudest moment in life ?

We interviewed people on who was kindest to them in their lives and most people stated that their mothers were the kindest to them

Billy McCarty

Interview with Billy McCarty.


Learning about Nick Wilcox’s life. Today i learned more details about my father and about his childhood and his outlook on life.

NPR StoryCorps – The Great Holdiay Listen

Mr. Ebiner talks about his life and his greatest achievements

Ali and mrs maw
November 21, 2021 App Interview

Ali interviews mrs maw on her amazing life and her views on her life

Are you scared?

The interview with my partner, Eric Hutto, was a quick dive into his thoughts on death.

Mom storycorps interview

My mom and I talked about her life and how her past experiences in life helped shape her to be the woman she is today

Lead Interview Alyssa Infranco

Had an Interview about my Grandmas life and society now:)

interview with grandma

the life and times of my grandmother, and her perspective on life and the world today.

Generational Progression

I talked to her about her life and the new generation. I also talked about growing up advice.

Storytelling Assignment

Talking about my mother's experiences with life.

Dalton Weigel

Dalton did a great job telling me about his life!