Heather Robinson’s interview

In this interview we discussed my mothers past. We also talked about what she wanted for my future.

Our Interview. My girlfriend.

Things in my girlfriend life. What she thinks about me.

My Parents – Richard M. (Mike) Crossen and Ann K. Crossen

Mike, Ann, and Katy Crossen talk about life, hopes, dreams and the future amidst the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

My mom and I – Interview

We talked about life, parenting, growing up, relationships, family background, occupation, religion, and life lessons/important life things.

The great thanksgiving listen- the Davis’s

I asked my grandparents some questions about their life before eachother, their life together and lessons they have learned.

Pastor David

We talked about Pastor David’s life and his life story. He also gave very valuable advise for youth today

Oliver’StoryCorps interview.
November 28, 2021 App Interview

I was very interested in the stories that my dad had told me and I learned a lot about him and his personality!

Talking with my great grandmother

My great grandma Donnis Rogers Perme told me about her life. Her childhood, and raising her 5 children.

Interviewing my step dad

We talked about his childhood and how he was as kid . We also got into his family and how they treated him and how he was raised . There was many story’s told and some are very funny and...

Interview With My Dad 2.0

So I was given an assignment during History Class to do an interview on StoryCorps for some extra credit which I didn’t turn down, so I did it with my dad.

Interview with my mom

My mom talked about what had happened to her during her childhood and what her family was like