My Mom Remembers Her Parents

In this interview, my mom reflects on her life. She also reminisces on her father.

Talking to Eric Ingerick about his life.

In this interview on December 1st 2019, Evan Ingerick interviews his father Eric in Penfield NY.

About our Life

Question about her life. For example what is the most important day in her life or the bad.

Interview w Ashley

Interviewed Ashley about growth, family, past experiences, and sexuality!

The Great Thanksgivings Listen
November 25, 2021 App Interview

I asked my Dad some questions for Thanking

Getting to know more

We talked about childhood memories and lessons learned, also relationship goals, likes and dislikes and improvements

Life with each other. Don and Judy Spivey

After 68 years of marriage and 72 years together I asked my folks to reflect on life together.

Rosa Galindo and Danna Griego Remembering History

My grandma and I went back in time to talk about her childhood and how her life went when she was younger. We also talked about the future and what she would like for her to happen.

Adventure 4 Project Pathway

Interview with Todd Jackowitz for Psychology.