Jasmine Dean

The summary is that we talked about Jasmines life of the questions I have picked for her to answer.

Grandma’s Story

We talked about my grandma’s past history with her life, my dad, her husband, and me. It was a great and emotional interview for both me and her

Interview AA

This was an interview for the English class about we lifes.

a life

interviewing brittney klug


Learning about Nick Wilcox’s life. Today i learned more details about my father and about his childhood and his outlook on life.

Generational Progression

I talked to her about her life and the new generation. I also talked about growing up advice.

Great Thanksgiving – Piper Messer

We talked about how my mother grew up and her thoughts on welfare considering she grew up on it.

Dalton Weigel

Dalton did a great job telling me about his life!