Contessa Trujillo and Joleen Montoya Dye

Contessa Trujillo (40) and her sister, cousin, and friend Joleen Montoya Dye (45) share a conversation about redefining their life paths as they navigate adulthood and reflect on how they can nurture both themselves and their lives.

Farley McDonough and Natalie Johnson

Partners in crime, friends, and colleagues Farley McDonough (58) and Natalie Johnson (47) discuss their collaborations and community work in Manitou Springs, Colorado. They also reflect on their life paths and where they are headed next, particularly as Farley moves...

Moni Hernandez and Evelyn Strom

Friends and fellow entrepreneurs Moni Hernandez [no age given] and Evelyn Strom [no age given] share a conversation about their life paths, Latino culture and community in Colorado, and how they serve those around them.

Austin Travis and Jeanne Kimberl

Jeanne Kimberl (55) interviews her friend and mentee Austin Travis (24) about the goals he hopes to accomplish, the challenges he has overcome, and the life lessons he has learned along the way.

Sabina Jones and Naomi Love

Sabina Katherine Jones (24) tells her interview partner Naomi Love (27) about growing up in Taos, New Mexico, the travels she has embarked upon, and her outlook on the world.