How does my mom feel about the pandemic?

In this interview i asked my mom a few questions mainly on how she feels about the pandemic but also on how her and her family are dealing with it.


This interview is about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected a college students day to day life.

Story Corps

My experience through the pandemic.

#3 Pandemic: COVID-19

Interviewing my mom about the corona virus. May 19, 2020

MY MOM AND I Talked about COVID-19

This is about the COVID-19 pandemic. My mother shares her concerns for other people in our community.

Surviving A Pendemic

Speaking to a survivor of a previous Pandemic as we live through the current Pandemic.

Nicholas Connell and Bobby Esparza

One Small Step partners Nicholas Connell (26) and Bobby Esparza (30) reflect on their upbringings, the news industry, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mother and Daughter Talk About Life During a Pandemic

Carina (13) interviews her mother mainly about what she is feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both talk about what life has been like during this time and moment in this country as well as her mother's childhood memories.

Moments through life with my big sister!

This interview was about two sisters in Pineville, La taking a trip to “memory lane”! This talk included conversations about childhood, current jobs, influences, and impacts on daily life during a pandemic! This interview was very interesting, it gave me...

COVID-19 Interview

Brother and sister interview each other on how the pandemic has impacted their lives.

The Coronavirus

I interviewed Angela Yates for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed in artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories, particularly oral histories....

Tamales in the time of a pandemic

Sometimes, a tamale is all you need to brighten your 50th day at home during a pandemic

Miriam and Eli talk about the pandemic

Miriam joins eli for a English class interview

Corona Virus Pandemic Interview

This is an interview with my dad in which we talked about our experience in the Corona virus pandemic.

Life During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

This interview really helped me open up about the past year 2020. That year was a horrible year, and its important that we talk about it so that we can understand more about that year. Living during the pandemic has...

Social Distancing COVID-19

Discussed the effects on social distancing with the current world wide pandemic. We learned about her perspective on COVID-19 and how's its impacted her daily life

Suzy Stewart pandemic
December 13, 2022 App Interview

Noah Bogart and Susie Stuart interview group pertaining to the pandemic.

Mercedes Andrade and Angela Jacquez

Friends and colleagues Mercedes Andrade (39) and Angela Jacquez (46) reflect on their friendship, traditions they love, and their travel plans for the future. They hope to travel together to New York, New York and Paris, France in the near...

Simran Notani gives her perspective and opinion about COVID-19

Simran Notani, a PA resident, gives her thoughts and views about what impact the recent pandemic, COVID-19 has caused on her life. Simran is one out of many who are panicking and praying that this crisis will avert soon.

Jinny Savolainen and Annaliese Bischoff "The people of Leverett have been so generous, giving and earnest. I am proud to be part of it."

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-04-29 15:16:20 Jinny Savolainen and Annaliese talk about life in Leverett during this time of pandemic, and the beauty of community.

Carie Paine: Thoughts on COVID-19, BLM & Biden Election

She talked about the effects of the Pandemic on life as well as the political and social unrest currently savaging the country.