Growing up in Laie

I interviewed my mother about growing up local in Laie

Stacey and McKinley discuss preparing for the climate emergency

In our interview we looked back from the not-so-distant future of 2030 as we envision what my hometown would look like if it were carbon neutral at that time (2030). We talked about what Stacey saw as the steps to...

Importance of Local Medicine in Yap

Lilliana (39) interviewed Josephine Leethin (80) about the importance of local medicine in Yap that students can learn at school. Yapese local medicines are passed down from elders by teaching their kids the names of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, ferns,...

Thia Embers and Alexander Koch

One Small Step conversation partners Thia Embers (59) and Alexander "Alex" Koch (39) talk about the shared experiences of alcoholism, switching political parties and feeling "marooned," and the importance of local community.

Mark and Tiernan Mackela discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Mark shares his perspective on collective neighborhood behaviors that have led to more environmentally friendly land use in Ann Arbor as of 2030. In 2024, neighbors started with designating a community lawn mower; this then inspired blocks to begin sharing...

Sammy and Ellie talk about preparing for a climate emergency

Ellie and Sammy discuss useful general methods for being prepared. We talk about alt methods for gathering resources, being adaptive, and keeping the community members on the same page.

Brock Marchant and Charles McCollum

Brock Marchant (23) interviews his friend and mentor Charles "Charlie" McCollum (68) about his work at small town newspapers and how the field has changed over the course of his career.

Sammy and Carole Discuss Local Food

Carole and Sammy talk about local food quality and accessibility. We also talk about what values guide local food choices

Allan Smith and Tim Murphy

One Small Step conversation partners Allan "Dale" Smith (63) and Tim Murphy (30) discuss their upbringing, transformative experiences that have informed their politics, and their "core issues."

Sarah Stolar and Glenn Stolar discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

Sarah and Glenn discuss the importance of collaborating with and speaking to others about the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly actions. We also discuss the positive internal benefits of voluntarily changing behaviors to address climate change and how this can...

music life

I interviewed Abigail not giving last name and she is 20. she's one of my best friends and has been involved in the music scene in my town her whole life. we discussed local bands, venues, and the culture of...