James and Elisabeth discuss local food

Local produce isn't always the most accessible for those trying to save money. Here we are discussing the barriers that prevent people off all incomes from supporting local farms.

Chase and Brookelyn discuss local food

We talked about local food as college and students. We also talked about how education is important in the local food movement.

Ashley and Liz discuss local food

The topics that were discussed was the problems with local food prices being too high in different areas and towns making it less assessable especially for college students. In addition, the topic of gmos and making connections with local farmers...

Ashley H and Lydia R discuss local food

Ashley and Lydia talk about local food in Ann Arbor and personal relationships with local food.

Maggie Toll and Peyton Cahn discuss local food

In this interview, I asked my roommate some questions about her perception of locally-sourced food. Maggie has an relationship with this topic, based on growing up on a farm in a rural town and firmly believing in investing in healthy,...

Sara Vargo and Claire Haase discuss local food

My roommate, Sara, and I discuss how growing up in a very environmentally-conscious family in Grand Rapids, MI has influenced her sustainable behaviors and how this has changed since going to college. The recording is most relevant for the Story...

Sydney and Annabelle discuss local food

Sydney and I discuss her family's habits and traditions with local food and see how that has transformed as she transitions into college.

Professor Princen and Daicy discuss local food

Discussing personal view and a scholar perspective on local food

Janielle Calaunan and Stephanie Rosas discuss local food

A discussion focused on local food consumption with conversation surrounding family traditions, future intentions, and current association with local foods. Also taking a look at what future generations can do to increase the accessibility to local foods.

Emily and Anikka Talk About Local Food

With many farmers earning 17 cents per retail dollar, it is becoming a pressing issue to find out if our buying behavior can shift towards local sources. In this interview we discuss the importance of local food in the lives...

Shawn and Gina discuss local food

Gina and Shawn discuss how financial restrictions make buying local food challenging

Olivia & Grace discuss local food!

We discussed how Olivia’s relationship with local food has changed as she’s grown up and moved to a different city. We also addressed common barriers that people face when trying to access local food.

Carly and Jack discuss local food

A discussion between two students at University of Michigan regarding local food in their rural hometown.

Quinn and Grant discuss local food.

In my interview with my long-time friend Quinn, we discussed the importance of local food consumption and how this has been relevant to our own lives growing up in the same small Michigan town. We also discussed personal experiences by...

Grace Doolittle and Noelle Dunbar discuss local food (pt 1)

Grace taking about her experience with local food through foraging, farmers markets, and bologna sandwiches.

Dominick and Mackenzie discuss local food

Mackenzie and Dominick discuss local food from a past perspective growing up in different areas of the U.S. and how the local food experience has changed since coming to college in Ann Arbor, MI.

Livi and Kiana discuss local foods

Livi talks about accessibility of local foods, farmers markets, and moving to a new city one day.

Jocelyn and Desmond discuss local food

We discussed what makes good local, the difficulties associated with local food, and how we can integrate greater accessibility in the future.

Jahna Flores and Joi Brewer discuss local food

Jahna & I discuss what she’s known about local foods from both her own experiences as well as a few family members. She also expresses the impact local food has had on her growing up.

Scott and Chris discuss local food

Scott talks about his relationship to local food. He breaks down why the industrialized food distribution system is not sustainable, his experience working with his dad to create an environmentally-friendly small farm in Canada, and why the United States needs...

Liana and Summer Discuss Local Food
February 1, 2020 App Interview

Liana and Summer discuss Summer’s family connection to local food, from her grandfather’s farm in North Dakota to Ann Arbor, MI.

Johnny and Ellington discuss local foods

Ellington Poston interviews Johnny Toliver IV about his relationship with local foods in relation to his family and to living in Ann Arbor.