A thanksgiving interview with my Grandma Joan.

My Grandma tells me her story from elementary school to being a parent of four. She also talks about her old relatives who first came to America. She also talks about how she loves all her children the same.

Interview with mom

We talked about everything and sometimes had small interruptions but we got back on track

Zack Gandolf’s Interview

I Interviewed my Dad because he is a huge inspiration in my life. I wanted to learn more about his life growing up. He has taught me how to be respectful and hardworking but also how to have a good...

Interviewing my Grandma
November 23, 2017 App Interview

My name is Johnny Glad, and I interviewed my grandma. My grandma and her family decided to move to America during WWII. In the interview, I ask her to reflect on her experiences of moving to America, and how hard...

Lillian Fitzpatrick and her grandma, Cathy Berlant, talk about her childhood.

I conducted this interview in Portland Oregon in my grandmas house on November, 22 2018. My grandma, Cathy Berlant talked about her childhood and shared some funny stories and memories from when she was my age. She also explained about...

Angelina Martinez and her mother Donna Polniak talk about childhood and parents

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Angelina Martinez (15) interviews her mother Donna Polniak (44) about the changing of her dad. Ms.Polniak talks about how her dad wasn’t such a figure when she was younger but...

Papa’s interview

My Grandpa talks about his child hood, wife, and message to future generations.

Growing Up Again

In this interview, Jed hears about his father Jeff's upbringing and professional life in Cleveland and beyond. He shares stories of his friends, attitude, and the places he's been. Learning some things hew knew and some things he didn't, this...

Me and my grandma

My grandma and I talked about her memories and childhood.

Tyohn’s Mother

I asked my mother some questions

Melissa’s story

It is About their childhood and life as a teenager in Puerto Rico.

My dads life

A short interview with my dad about his childhood

My Better Half

About my wife’s childhood. Who has influenced her the most.

My interview

This is an interview with a kid and his mom mostly discussing childhood.

My Tarzan ❤️

This is an interview of my father and we mostly talked about his childhood and our family. We also talked about how I was basically a miracle and his past.

Grandma Johnson Grows Up

Grandma shares what it was like to grow up in small town Mesa, Arizona as the daughter of Lehi and Shirley Palmer.

Me an Cuca

This interview was to see and introduce me to my grandmothers childhood and see what she experienced and how she grew up