"Absolutely Finish Things" – An Interview With Saul Lyons

Pennsylvania artist Saul Lyons describes how he started working on creating graphite drawings as a living. He creates gay-positive artwork, where he hangs it in his gallery in New Hope, PA. Lyons started pursuing art as a career 4 years...

Quarantine interview with Cairo and Luke

Cairo Weaver and Luke Murphy had an interview during the quarantine about life, their favorite memories, and what they plan on doing after the pandemic.

Ethan Interviewing David

A talk between two that have not talked in almost a decade. And the last time Ethan(20) talked to him, he was very young.

"Life is good," said Grandma.

Carol Hamilton (68) talks with her granddaughter, Taylor McLaurin (21) about their similarities and differences and her experience being a mother in college, at home, and at work.

Lang 120 interview

We are learning more about each other and becoming closer to each other in class and outside of class.

Nina Telesca Magnani and Sharon Telesca Feurer

Sisters Sharon Telesca Feurer (60) and Nina Telesca Magnani [no age given] remember their mother and father, Mary "Pearl" Telesca and Donato Telesca, and share memories they have of their family.

John’s Interview of his mom, Mina

John interviewed Mina, his mom, about her life in Vietnam and journey to the United States. They also talked about her experiences and goals.

A Chat with Judith Kristen, A Dear Mentor and Author

Judith Kristen is an author and creator of Piscataway Writers' Guild of which I was a member. We discussed her childhood, her inspiration for writing, special moments in her life, and the life lessons she learned. She gave her input...

Dorothy Nelson, 93 year old world war II survivor

Dorothy Nelson (93) talks with her grandson William (11) about challenges in her life.