Shannon Healy and Sheila Healy

Shannon Healy (21) interviews her mother, Sheila Healy (53), about Sheila's mother. They discuss what she was like, how she passed, and what Sheila would say to her today.

Joanne Levitan, Andrew Warner, and Alan Warner

Andrew Warner (27) shares a conversation with his father, Alan Warner (70), and step-mom, Joanne Levitan (64), about his birth mother. They remember her life before Andrew's birth, discuss Andrew's memories of her, and remember her passing.

Paula Froehle and Todd Ferguson

Fiances Paula Froehle (58) and Jason Todd Ferguson (46) come together to share a conversation about their relationship, love after divorce, and how they support one another, particularly how Todd supported Paula through the end of her mother's battle with...

Celeste Miller and Tonya Ratican

Celeste Miller (56) shares a conversation with her friend Tonya Ratican (57) about her father, his service in the Marine Corps, and the military's significance in both of their lives.

Lindsey Culli and Tyler Miller

Siblings Lindsey Culli (38) and Tyler Miller (34) share a conversation about the passing of their father. They recall their favorite memories of him, and reflect on who he was as a person.

David Stuart and Trevor Miller discuss David's loss of his mother at a young age.

David Stuart talks to Trevor Miller about the difficulties of losing his mother during a very difficult time in his life.

Rick Osborne and Mary Kearney

Rick Osborne (54) shares a conversation with his sister Mary Kearney (70) about their family, their experiences growing up, and their happiest and saddest moments.

Angela Mayer and Venita Blackburn

One Small Step conversation partners Angela Mayer (51) and Venita Blackburn (38) talk about their shared curiosity about other people, impactful moments from their youth, the importance of education, and their frustrations with their political parties.

Meari Avery and Roberta Solimene

Friends Meari Avery (67) and Roberta Solimene (66) discuss the lives of their mothers, and describe the effect their mothers had on each of their lives.

“I knew what you were thinking, and you said, ‘you couldn’t possibly.”

Few things are harder in life than losing a parent as a child. Debra Kantor knows that feeling. So does her son, Greg. Their same-sex parents died when they were six and sixteen years old, respectively. Unfortunately, they’re two of...

Peter Savage, Serena Savage, and Lina Moscarella

Peter Savage (82) shares a conversation with his daughters Serena Savage (51) and Lina Moscarella (49) about their mother, who they lost to Alzheimer's. They discuss how Peter and their mother met, what their life was like together, and remember...

Brittany Burr and Cameron Drake

Brittany Burr (28) shares a conversation with her fiancé, Cameron Drake (30), about losses in their lives, their experiences with grief, and how they learned to cope with grief.