The Way A Single Father Has To Be On A Teenage Female

The greates man I ever knew

Everyone says the have the best dad in the world and for their own reasons. From all the stories he’s told me to all the lessons he’s taught me, my dad Luis Ramirez is the wises man and the best...

Story Corp video: My brother Derek and I

this is a video of my brother and I going through some story corp questions! we laughed and cried at some of them! Also right at the end I broke a bulb off the christmas tree and said oh sorry...

What’s the best thing your parents did in raising you?

My mother, Kristan Jacobson, talks about her parents and how they have shaped her into the mom she is today for my brothers and I.

Mother’s Legacy

This interview was more or less me asking my mom about her past, future, and present

A Mother’s Love

I ask my mom mom personal questions about our relationship and I learn more about her background.

Grandmas life story

I interview my grandma and ask her a bunch of questions about her younger life.

My mom

I feel that this interview went well and that I learned a lot I did not know.