Relationship Talks with Sloan

In this interview we talked about the ins and outs of relationships. It included some questions about what keeps relationships healthy and things that come with relationships.

Learning About My Nana Barbara

We talked about her teaching career and experiences she had while doing it. I learned a lot about my grandparents and great grandparents during the interview. I also didn’t realize how many times she had moved in her life time.

Mr. Forest aka Dada

Adam talks about becoming and being a dad alongside an amazing woman, Anya.

A long conversation with my grandpa by his favorite grand daughter

Hi, my name is crystal Avelar. My grandpa and I had a long conversation about everything and anything. He was talking to me about all his memories and his favorite times growing up.


Christ is the center of our life


A conversation with the love of my life.

Jamilah Muhammad interviews her mother about her life, childhood, and etc.

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, Jamilah Muhammad (17) interviews her mother about her childhood in Birmingham/ St. Louis. She shares stories about her childhood, love life, political views and etc. She also talks about...

The great thanksgiving listen

Me and my great great grandmother talking about her life growing up. Also we discussed about our family and her parents. Lastly we talked about what she wants me to continue to do on this path of life.


Mother and daughter have a conversation about how marriage and relationships function.

Interview with Christine Monroe

The tales of a proud American to live in the time of many crucial events.

Mary Ann Shares Wisdom

Mary Ann shares stories of growing up, meeting her husband, and advice for future generations.

Interview with Mom

I asked questions about her early life, interests, opinions, etc.

We are lovers.

She knew as soon as she saw me. I knew as trust was built. She’s the one. I’m her one.

Daughterisms vs Motherisms

A conversation between a mother and daughter who realize they aren’t so different after all, despite all of the bumps along the way.

Interview with Omer Aswad

A talk with the owner of a Tactical Training company, also known as my boyfriend.

She installed his work ethic

An intimate interview with a single mother and her son. An ironic story on how she’s trying to raise a boy into a man.

Love in a world full of disparities.

A heart felt conversation between a teenager and her older mentor.

The Beginning of Our Relationship

The recounting of the first month and a half of our relationship, in all of its wild, hilarious, joyful glory.#blacklovematters

10 year old describes LOVE

I ask my 10 year old brother, Landen, what he thinks LOVE means.