Gossip with the Grandparents

Dishing the gossip with my grandparents about their lives and what it was like growing up in their generation. *Funny stories alert!*


Bill Chiappetta was able to travel the world, see the place where his family was from, and while doing these things he was serving our country. My name is Grace Chiappetta-Uberti, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed my...

Dave and Maureen’s Love Story (01/08/23)

This love story of David Island (1931) and Maureen Munger Island (1948), married in 1970 was recorded on Sunday, January 8, 2023 in Battleground, Washington by their son, Tom Island.

All about my mom

This is me and my mom, I’m asking her deep questions. She’s 40!

Maya Sanchez and Gabriel González

Spouses Maya Sanchez (48) and Gabriel González (47) discuss Maya’s political career as mayor of San Elizario, Texas, their love story, and the process of San Elizario becoming an official city.

George Boniface and Helene Frankel

George Boniface [no age given] and Helene Frankel (73) tell their love story, growing from longtime friendship into something more on a camping trip in the Ozarks.

Rachel Ebeling and Sean Ebeling

Husband and wife Sean Ebeling (54) and Rachel Ebeling (53) tell their story together, Music at First Sight. They reflect on how music has tied them, their lives, and their family together through good times and bad.

Marissa Furman and Juliana Massaro

Partners Marissa Furman (41) and Julianą Massaro (40) talk about how they met, their relationship, and Marissa’s cancer diagnosis.

William Craft and Kathy Purnell

Kathy Purnell (54) interviews her husband William Craft (56) about a pivotal sports injury, his career in filmmaking, and the life lessons he has learned along the way.

Recording – 11-26-2023 12:11:56

My grandma Patricia Robinson (71). She lived on a big farm with her Mom, Dad, Sparky, and her 3 sisters. She was the “son” of the family and helped her dad with everything. When she grow up and was still...

James Stulb and Sierra Stulb

Husband and wife James "Erik" Stulb (48) and Sierra Stulb (44) discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, their marriage, their love story, and parenthood.

Meet the Walkers

Ruth and Richard Walker both grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Both sides of their families were recent immigrants to the country from Croatia and Poland, as part of the Eastern European mass immigration to the Midwest. After recently celebrating their...

Taryn Tipton and Daniel Gertson

Recording the day after their wedding in Marfa, Texas, Taryn Tipton (33) and her new husband Daniel Gertson (42) reflect on the joy of their wedding ceremony and the love they have for each other. They also remember their first...

Elisabeth Erickson Meyer and Michael Meyer

Spouses Elisabeth Erickson Meyer (48) and Michael Meyer (51) share the story of how they met, their engagement story, and their fertility efforts to conceive their daughter Margo.

Erika Ritchie and Joshua Ritchie

Couple Erika (35) and Joshua "Josh" Ritchie (40) talk about how their paths crossed unexpectedly and the rich life they've built together since then.

Andrew Walker and Jennifer Walker

Partners Andrew Walker [no age given] and Jennifer Walker (50) share their love story and talk about why they decided to leave the Mormon faith.

Andy Miller and Cheri Miller

Husband and wife Andy Miller (64) and Cheri Miller (66) discuss how they met, their love story, and give advice to couples.

Clara Davis and her grandmother, Marjorie Spears, talk about her life over the past 85 years.

In this interview, recorded on November 23rd, 2023, Clara Davis (15) interviews her grandmother, Marjorie Spears (85) about her childhood and life experiences. Marjorie shares stories about her children, how she met her husband (Richard Spears),her favorite time of year...

A real life fairytale

A fairytale story I wanted to share to show people that true love exists!