Baniaga Interview

My Mom and Step Dad are getting married soon. I wanted to ask a few questions that might not be remembered. I also wanted things that are not sad every day to be told today. My parents won't get to...

Study of Fiction

A series of questions about life and relationships

Love & relationships.

My Brother's love life and his experience towards it.

Grammies love life <3

I learned so many new things about my grandmother that I never new and I learned new things about life itself too.

Loving life with her husband

This story is about how my grandmother met her husband and how she still loves him the same.

A Journey to Love: The Roads of America

Ethan Wolfe and Maddie Lynn Ligenza discuss their time together living out of a car and driving across America, and how it impacted their relationship.

My Nana

My Nana’s life when she was young and her love, my grandpa, Mucks. We talked about jobs and her wedding

Amour Celeste

The tale of three islands and the love between the sun and moon.

Best Friend Chit Chat

Just two teenage girls talking about life, conspiracy theories, the new generation, and a couple of would you rather questions!

You made my life complete

He is so amazing and i cannot imagine life without him.

Interview #1

I ask my boyfriend questions about how we met.

Emily an David

We talked about our younger childhood years and what school and family was like. We also talked about high school and the role models that taught us.

Whit xtra luv

This interview was recorded just after an intense game of chess. The subject, Leo Whit, is question about his love for his younger sister and thoughts about his parents love.

Great Listen Interview Project in El Dorado Kansas With My Mom

I, Selah Klayson, conducted this interview with my mom, Samantha Klayson on November 28th, 2017. We did this interview in my living room in El Dorado Kansas. My mom(Samantha)is 38 years old, and I(Selah)am 14 years old. In this interview...

STORYCORPS alysa/lisa interview

I interviewed my mom on November 28, 2017 at my home in Henderson Nevada. Her name is Lisa Caso and to me is the best person on earth. in our interview we discussed parents and grandparents, growing up and school,...