Amanda Garcia and Gratzia Villarroel

Amanda Garcia (31) and Dr. Gratzia Villarroel (61) discuss immigration stories, becoming bilingual in both Spanish and English, and gender roles in the Latino community. The pair also talk about navigating two cultures and their plans to start a charter...

Tyler Edwards and Lorena Edwards

Spouses, Lorena “Lori” Edwards (43) and Tyler Edwards (41), discuss family dynamics and their experience being in the public eye because of their daughter’s identity.

The Effects of Machismo

The participants in the video include Jessica Reyes (21) and Miguel Lucero (22), friends of Dalia Valdez (21). The main topic of the video is Machismo; Dalia asks a couple of questions related to what kind of Machismo the participants...

Oral History: A conversation about Mental Health with a Young Xicano, Latinx Male

Neri Aguilar (18) talks about understanding how holistic/mental health looks like in a cis, heterosexual, Latinx young man, who is very well known within his peers "popular"and athlete (soccer player). He dives into how mental health has impacted him, he...

A victim of physical assault by a boyfriend shares her views in machismo, and how things could improve for survivors.

A survival of an abusive relationship talks about machismo, and the difficulties she had to go through after being attacked by the father of her son.