Sandy Curiel and her mom talks about how life shaped the way we are.

In this interview , day taken this interview was September 27, 2018 in Bronx Ny , in this interview Sandy C interviewed her mother , Guadalupe Perez about how life has shaped them the way they are. The expectations and...

Interviewing my mother.

Dominique interviewing her mother. We talked about my mothers life as a mother. What she did when she was younger, and how she has changed over the years. She also talks about being a parent.

Orlando Cáceres interview

In this interview with Orlando Cáceres, Angela Reyes asks him multiple questions on his future life and how he feels on topics related to school. Towards the end Angela finds out multiple things she didn’t know Orlando was interested in.

Zolangie Velez and her mom Luiris Peguero

Zolangie Velez (14) talks with her mom, Luiris Pegeuro (35), about what it was like watching her kids go to school again and what it was like growing up and the different experiences with family and raising kids in different...

Interviewing my sister

This interview is basically you getting to know my sister and I feel like I got to know her to a little bit some things I didn’t know of.

Mia Quezada and her mom, Guadalupe, talk about living in Mexico from her point of view.

Mia Quezada (14) talks with her mom, Guadalupe Elizalde (45), about them living in Mexico and the way she felt before and after the event. Mia asks about family life, childhood life, and life away from Mexico; where Guadalupe found...

Alexa A. and her best friend Cristal talk about body shaming and how its affecting today's community.
September 28, 2021 App Interview

Alexa A (15) and Cristal V (15) talk about the cons about body shaming and how society has became judgemental throughout time. As Cristal stated " Bodyshaming isn't the correct thing to do mostly towards younger generations".

Natalie Munoz and her teacher, Ms. Nanay, talk about life

Natalie interviews her teacher, Ms.Nanay about her life experiences. She talks about her relationship with her mom and shares her hopes for Natalie as a student

Living legacy interview

In this interview I talked with salim Haniff about what life in 2020 during a pandemic and being in self quarantine.

Bryant Comunidad and his mom, talking about her life throughout the years.

In this interview, conducted in September 2018 in the Bronx NY, Bryant Comunidad interviews his mom, Francisca, about her life throughout the years. They go through all of life’s major stages, in this case, his mom’s, from childhood, to teenage...

Memunatu Abubakar : Interview With Brother, Faaeaz Abubakar- Insight on 2020

Memunatu Abubakar (15) interviews her older brother, Faaeaz Abubakar (19), about his experiences in 2020. They discuss the many aspects of this year, including the Black Lives Matter movement, Coronavirus, quarantine, and even personal parts of his year. Faaeaz explains...

Past Affecting The Present.

This is an interview between me the interviewer and my mom the interviewie. We discuss he past and how it has affected her and shaped her as a person to later shape me. My mother's story talks about events that...

Global Honor project

In this interview, made in september 2018 in new york, Angela Reyes interviews her sister, Madellyn Ottenwalder, about her life in the present and growing up. At the end of the interview Ms. Ottenwalder shares how much she loved her...

Lauren frederick and justa ordoñez talk about the journey to the u.s

In this interview conducted of September 2018 in Bronx Ny Lauren Frederick interviewed her mother justa ordoñez about her experiences growing up and coming to this country. She shares stories about school, dreams, expectations and how it was raising children....

Cristian Alvarez interviews his father Rafael Alvarez

In this interview, conducted in September 2018 in the Bronx, New York, Cristian interviews his father. They talked about what his father's life and what it was like. They also talked about what his father went through when coming to...

Hailey Nesbitt (14) and her mother Patricia talk about immigration and the differences between Jamaica and the United States.

Hailey Nesbitt (14) interviews her mother Patricia Rose about her childhood in Jamaica, Her thoughts on the United States before Immigrating, Her thoughts now, the culture shock, the differences and the opportunities this country has to offer.

Mia Quezada and Pamela Sinchi

Mia Quezada: 2021-09-24 18:30:41 Mia talking with Pamela about their childhood and experiences during the 2020 pandemic

Life through the eyes of Yahaira Perdomo

In this interview conducted on October of 2018 in New York City, Orlando Caceres interviews his mother, Yahaira Perdomo on her experiences on life in the Dominican Republic, youth, motherhood and most recently her experience emigrating to the United States...

Pamela Sinchi and her mother, Norma Camarena, talk about her experience coming over to the USA / how hard it was to be where she is now.

Pamela Sinchi: 2021-09-29 01:31:20 In this interview, Pamela Sinchi (14) interviews her mother, Norma Camarena (40), about her experience coming over to the USA and her experience being here including becoming a resident. She talks about within her 18 years...

Edgar Rodriguez and Shawn Turner talking about his past

In this interview, made September 2018 in the Bronx, I interviwed Shawn Turner about his past and his relationship life and how it was like growing up in the Bronx, his family and his hopes and dreams

Ilona Nanay and her mom, Julia, talk about life and surviving 2020

Ilona Nanay (31) talks with her mom, Julia Nanay (69), about her experiences fleeing Hungary, growing up in the United States, and living through a global pandemic. Julia shares how difficult it was for her family to start over in...