Laurtis and Maya

Student interviewing a manager of a pediatrician’s office.

Pan-Fried Friendship

As family comes closer, the stories we mention must be told to everyone. In this interview, held in Los Angeles, Cici Tsuo and Oliver España address their numerous moments together as well as Cici’s past, including her father, track coach,...

Interview with John Tipton

This recording is about a hard working man talking about the many jobs he does and how he may be busy, but he wouldn’t change it for the world.


I Interviewed my ex manager, current roommate, Luis Galan. I have always wondered about his life and what motivated him to become the different things he is today which is a manager at a resort, prince from Cinderella play at...

José Ródriguez, 26 years of experience at VW and current manager of pre-series at Volkswagen Chattanooga (Spanish)

I did an interview to my stepfather. His name is José Luis Ródriguez but everyone calls him Puma. He has been an employee of Volkswagen for 26 years now. He shares what his most important achievements were while he was...

Alexis Harris and her mom Shannon Sims talk about their lives and childhood similarities

In this interview conducted in November 2017, Alexis Harris(15) sits down with her mom Shannon Sims(37) to talk about her childhood and her two children. Shannon shares stories about her job, her favorite memories, and growing up. At minute 7,...

A life in parts

In this interview I, Jake Wright interview Delbert Chavez about his experience in the auto parts industry. We cover how the industry has changed and how Bert has worked his way to running his own successful department.

The life of a speedway manager.

My Girlfriend Nicole and I sit down and chat about being a manager at Speedway.