Raymond Matteis and Penny Matteis

Spouses Ray Matteis (65) and Penny Matteis (65) recall important life lessons their respective parents instilled in them, share early memories from the 1950s and 1960s, and talk about how their families were different but shaped them into who they...

Life of Bob

We talked about his childhood along with his modern life and what his accomplishments were.

Mark Workman and Lisa Love

Lisa Love (47) interviews her friend Mark Workman (59) about his upbringing, service in the Marine Corps, and life experiences.

Frankie Burgos and Hilary Lithgow

Frankie Burgos (27) talks with his friend Hilary Lithgow (47) about early memories of being in the Marines, making friends in boot camp, and what it was like to come home home after being deployed.

20 Years of Service in the Marine Corps

Carter asks Ryan about how he came to serve in the military, what his proudest moment was, any time he was afraid and what lessons he learned

Even 14 years in, I still had a lot to learn about my temperament.

Marine veterans reflects on his service with future military leader. From Paris Island as a recruit to flying the presidential helicopter to his final duty station and the transition into civilian life.

Stoney Brook and Christy Hightower

Stoney Brook talks about how being a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in 2014 touched and changed him in unexpected ways. Among other things the pilgrimage was the gateway to his setting up the first Veteran's Treatment Court in...


"I was able to stay safe for a little while...but not long." Persistent and determined are adjectives too timid still to describe Marti Randall. After serving in the Marine Corps in the mid-1970's, she moved to Saugerties where she trained...

Don Hamlin and Win Harper

Friends Don Hamlin (72) and Win Harper (76) discuss their upbringings, their military and volunteer service, and the importance of their friendship with one another.

Dad's time in the military (part 2)

I talk to my dad about why he went into the Marine Corps and what his life was like while serving.

Great Uncle Joe, 90 and Full of Life

My Great Uncle Joe: "I've had a gorgeous life." After the interview, he kept going. Looking at a 60" TV, he said the first TV he bought his father-in-law was a console with a 7" screen that received a single...

Andre Navarro, Cameron Kuo, , , and
February 2, 2017 App Interview

USMC veteran, Andre Navarro recounts the events leading to his decision to join the marine corps. His responsibilities included O431 logistics. This meant that he was in charge of making sure that divisions worth of military equipment were ready to...

Linda Hanley-Thomas and Howard Thomas

Linda Hanley-Thomas (67) interviews her husband Howard Thomas (72) about his service in the Marine Corps and his job as a dog handler when he was deployed to Vietnam.

Dad’s time in the military (part 1)

I talk to my dad about why he went into the Marine Corps and what his life was like while serving.

Catherine Denson and Robert Denson III

Spouses Catherine "Cate" JoAnn Denson (35) and Robert "Rob" Harvey Denson III (35) reflect on their relationship, making big career changes and how parenthood has changed them.

Peggy Rosoff and Walter Pancoe

Walter Pancoe (97) talks to his daughter, Peggy Rosoff (70), about basic training and his military service in World War II. Walter shares stories about the musical production group, Off the Ground Incorporated, and he talks about the paper clip...

Elliot’s Marine Corps (mis)adventures

Stories of the Marine Corps as a radioman during the Korean War