Madison Sims and Master Sergeant Bob Topper

Madison Sims (16) talks with her uncle, Master Sergeant Bob Topper (43) about his time in the military and how he is doing during retirement.

Gavin and Bennett

The interviewee is Bennett, a family friend, and he is 42 years old. We discussed his military service, how serving impacted him, and his life after the military.


In this interview i asked a few questions to my dad about his life

David Englert and Logan Englert

David Robert Englert (53) talks to his son, Logan Englert (18), about his service in the military and his five deployments. Logan shares reflections on being raised in a military family and traveling.

My grandfathers experience during the Vietnam War and life after.

My grandfather and I spoke about his time in Vietnam as a marine. We discussed his military service as well as how it has affected his life.

Pete McRitchie talks about his life

At age 91, Pete McRitchie talks about growing up in Macedonia, OH, his family, his Marine Corps service, and his employment in construction and as the Macedonia police chief. He also shares some philosophies of life.

instilling discipline

The last place Louis Bourassa and his family imagined he would go was the military. Grace Bourassa, age 14, sits down with her dad, Louis Bourassa, on November 14, 2018, in Valley Village, California. She asks about the Marines and...

The best uncle

I interviewed my uncle that was in the marines and grew up in a family of 9 kids.

Frankie Burgos and Hilary Lithgow

Frankie Burgos (27) talks with his friend Hilary Lithgow (47) about early memories of being in the Marines, making friends in boot camp, and what it was like to come home home after being deployed.

The Story of Rich Rivera (The Former Marine)
October 28, 2022 App Interview

The person I chose to interview today was Rich Rivera. He is 35 and we mainly discussed his upbringing and time in the Military. The pros and cons of his life and how it shaped to be the way it...

Chip’s life story part 1

Nicole Benenati interviews her Father, Chip Blenk about his growing up in the country and his military draft time. The rest of his story is in part two.

Michael Bingham and LeAnna Carrier

Siblings Michael Bingham (60) and LeAnna Carrier (38) speak about what it was like growing up with a 22-year age gap, their memories with their parents, and how their relationship with each other has grown and evolved.

Winston Bromley and Michael O'Dell

Micheal O'Dell (33) is interviewed by his friend and colleague Winston Bromley (49) about his time in the Marines and his difficult transition back to civilian life.

Interview with Dad

We discussed his memories in the marines, his time in school, and what he hopes I achieve in my lifetime.

My Dads Journey During and After the Military

This is about the story of my dad during and after the military. Talking about the daily life of being in the military and what he decided to do after his contract ended.

Emily Lynott and her grandma Joan Laracuente discuss growing up and memories in Oakland, New Jersey

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017, Emily Lynott (14) and her grandmother Joan Laracuente (74) talk about early life and friendships in New York, occupations of herself, her parents, and her husband, and memories from her childhood and...

Interview with my Granpa

Summary of my grandfather time in service of the marines

Brian Baker and Justin Cummins

One Small Step Partners, Justin Cummins (32) and Brian Baker (66), talk about how the military touched each of their lives and affected their political perspectives.

Interview with our favorite Guy, ch.2
May 31, 2024 App Interview

A description of Guy’s time in the marines— boot camp and the reserves.