Grammi and Me

This is a recording about grammi and the chance for me to ask her personal questions!

Interview with Sally(Grandma)- The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Caroline and I discussed my childhood in Michigan, and moving to Atlanta, Ga in 1960, when I was 6 years old, a favorite song that I sung to my son Glen, and many favorite memories of my life.

Interview with Amber Gaines

I talked about highschool and how it can affect your life, as well as other things that I did not know about my mother.

Meh momeh

I asked my mother an arrange of questions along the lines of her marriage, parenthood, past, and regrets in life.

Dad and Me

Fast talks about politics, parents, and career

The Great Thanksgiving Share

In this interview I asked my mom questions about her childhood and life when I was a younger child.

Elaine Ochab Interview

My Grandma Elaine was a very hard working mother, who went back to school to get her degree to make sure her family was taken care of.