Thanksgiving interview

It was the story of my mother. It starts from the behinning up to my childhood

Parenting project

I interviewed my mom just to learn about how she grew up and the different lifestyle she lived in compared to the modern day.

A Life of Love & Service w/ Oren Cousins

A niece speaks with her uncle, who serves as the historian of the family, as well as being an artist, a writer, and a lifelong educator to all who he comes across.

Kitty and tony pell

Ella and Ozzy Pelican interview their grandparents about their lives and lessons learned.

Dad history

My dads old life and his schools and early career

Joanna Bjerum and Lyndia DeShazer

One Small Step partners, Joanna Bjerum (41) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) are natives Kansans that share their experiences in their careers, their family histories, and a love for their state.

Rhoda Gorky

A conversation with my 85 year old grandmother about her life.


Grandma had a hard life movinG alot and had lots of good memories and lots of siblings

Kit Hough

During this interview we discussed kits life in regard to his childhood, marriage, children, and career, etc.

Mother Part 2

A second part to the first interview, which was cut off unexpectedly.

Bess Robinson Alpaugh: A Legacy

My grandmother answers various questions regarding her childhood in Montana, the grief of losing her husband, and raising six children all in her own.

Eugene Bihn

Interview with my dad on the day after Thanksgiving 2021. He is the youngest of 13 kids, a Vietnam Veteran, married 41 years, and father of 2.

Doug Coffeen and Keane Reynolds

Keane Reynolds (16) interviews his Grandfather Doug Coffeen about his faith, his marriage of 33 years, and how marrying a woman with 3 children changed his life.

Jackson Phoenix grandpa interview

This is me asking questions about life to my grandpa