The interview of ana marin

My mother talks about her child hood, family life , relationship, etc

Aydan and Aunt Paddy

I interviewed my aunt from my dads side. I asked her a lot about her childhood and what it was like growing up with my dad.

Thanksgiving StoryCorps

This interview had two questions; one was asking about her childhood and the other was how she met my dad.

Interview with Jim Smith

Today I interviewed my small group leader for my church to get a better understanding of him and why he does what he does.

Sergio’s story

In this interview Sergio Flores speaks about his feelings and journey throughout life.Sergio had to overcome many obstacles in life and he explains how he moved past them.

Niels and Char meeting at BYU

Niels emigrated from Denmark with Mother and younger sister, studied at BYU, and met his wife Char before going on a mission back to Denmark.

Interview With an Old Man #Greatlisten

I learned about my dad a lot more and how my grandpa was as I kid. I had no idea that someone in my family was an indentured servant.

My First Interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Jasmine discussed some of her inspirations, as well as her childhood. She also spoke about two key pieces of her adult life.

Josh Higginson interviewing his grandma and grandpa

I interview mostly my grandpa with help from my mom and grandma. We talk about where he grew up, his time in the air Force, meeting my grandma, and moving to America.

Grandma Interview

Nicole Overton (16) interviews Jackie Overton (72) who currently lives in Rocklin, California. She asks her about her life growing up in Louisiana during the late1950s and early 1960s, her fondest memories from her teenage, child, and adult years, and...

Julie Kaufman and Beth Wright for Stonewall OutLoud

Beth and Julie tell Karen about falling in love at Oberlin College, moving to California and later Chicago for graduate school, finding a welcoming Episcopalian church, having a ceremony, beginning their journey to have children during the AIDS epidemic, becoming...

Antoinette Neri

She talked about her journey to the united states, her family, and transition to today.

Ryen Caenn – Carico History

The Carico’s settled Oklahoma in the Cherokee Strip land rush. From humble beginnings grew a successful scientist.

Doris Anne Edwards talks about her child hood and adult hood, and her happy marriage. “she’s packin”

Doris talks about her incident. life with her friends and how she went to the casino once on Christmas. She also talks about her children. She even talks about ditching school!!

Elena A and Mary N Interview

We talked about her childhood and school and important people that influenced her.

A Snap of Louise Griffin’s Life

Louise Griffin talks about the ups and downs of her life, and how she overcame obstacles throughout childhood and adult life.

Catcher in the rye

Moving and staying in California was the most life changing moment for her

Our Grandmother

Here i interview my grandmother, as her granddaughter i ask her a set of 15 questions and she tells me about herself and how she grew to be the women she is today.

Mark & Mary

Mark & Mary talk about getting married too young, opening up much later, and a mutual love of Cap'n Crunch!