Steve Desroches and David Drake

Steve Desroches (47) and David Drake (58) talk about Drake's life in the theater, particularly his landmark one-man show "The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me" and his drag character Tawny Heatherton as well as his work as the artistic director...

Evan Wolfson and Kevin Jennings

Evan Wolfson (57) speaks with friend, Kevin Jennings (51), about his experiences as a gay man and how it led to his role as a legal advocate in the marriage equality movement.

James Brenner, Charles Jones, and William Sheppard

Spouses, James Brenner (66) and Charles "Chuck" D. Jones (54), talk to their attorney William "Bill" Sheppard (77) about their case and how it lead Florida to recognize same-sex marriage.

Victoria Berdanis-Dukart and Rosanne Berdanis-Dukart

Wives Victoria "Vickie" Berdanis-Dukart (57) and Rosanne Berdanis-Dukart (49) tell the story of their relationship, from how they initially met, to a 5 1/2 year period of not seeing each other, to their eventual marriage and life together.

Eli Conroy and Savannah Winchester

Eli Conroy (47) speaks with new friend and StoryCorps Facilitator Savannah Winchester (31) about his life and family growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation and his journey coming out as a gay man and returning home.

Taylor Landry and Brianna Salazar

Taylor Landry (26) and Brianna Salazar (36) remember how they met and fell in love and talk about their decision to postpone getting married until all US states recognize gay marriage.

Carla Lantz and Dena Lantz

Carla Lantz (49) sits down for a conversation with her wife, Dena Lantz (49), about their deep love and admiration for each other and the challenges they've weathered together.

Albert Legault and Jason Curtis

Spouses Albert J. Legault (47) and Jason D. Curtis (44) talk about their relationship, being gay in the military, and AJ’s career in the National Park Service as a gay man.

Sih-Cheng "Sean" Du and Marianna Moneymaker

Friends and colleagues Marianna Moneymaker (44) and Sih-Cheng "Sean" Du (38) talk about their identities, coming out, and their thoughts on marriage equality.

Marisa Pavan and Terrah Pavan

Spouses Marisa Pavan (41) and Terrah Pavan (35) share a conversation about the legal process of amending their daughter's birth certificate after the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Jill Lippard and Katie Hendrickson

Spouses Jill Lippard (34) and Katie Hendrickson (34) discuss their relationship and how they came to terms with their sexuality from a Christian upbringing. They also reflect on their lives since coming out.

Teri Mott and Krista Anderson

One Small Step partners Teri Mott (61) and Krista Anderson (61) talk about their personal political values, the issues that have become personal to them, and their experiences with religion.

Sharon Bishop-Baldwin and Mary Bishop-Baldwin

Sharon Bishop-Baldwin (46) and her wife, Mary Bishop-Baldwin (53), talk about the lawsuit that they were a part of that helped bring marriage equality to the state of Oklahoma.

Angela Ibrahim-Olin and Viriginia Ibrahim-Olin

Wives Angela Ibrahim-Olin (37) and Virginia Ibrahim-Olin (42) talk about their relationship and marriage. They focus on their wedding day in 2015, as well as their young son Franklin and their soon-to-be-born second child, whom they refer to as "Pickles."

Evaluating artistic potential with Jen Waldman

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Jen Waldman (Manhattan) on May 12, 2021. They discuss early dance recitals, teenage enterprising, getting messy with Musical Theater, YoungArts, and adapting the Jen Waldman Studio to a thriving virtual community.