Mike Rose, Shelley Rose, and Meredith Rose

Shelly (58) and Meredith (55) interview their father Mike (88) about his childhood, family, raising his kids, and his experience in the U.S. Navy.

Edward J. Powers with Helen Powers and family

Edward J. Powers, Sr. (79) shares stories and memories with his family about his childhood in Pottsville, PA, his career in Public Health, and the life he and wife Helen M. Powers (79) have had so far with their children,...

Interview with Sarah Peterson, mom

We talked about how dad proposed to her and about how she felt when I was born. She started to talk about how being a parent changed her and we had problems w the microphone on my iPhone and had...

A Sunday with Sal

During my interview with pap, we talked about his childhood growing up on the farm. We also touched on his life in the military, how he met his wife, his career, and raising his kids.

Reflections from my mother

My mom and I talked about her life so far and how her job and life influences her everyday life