Bridging the Gap

Interview with Laurine Roberts about Martin Luther Kings Legacy and living in Newark, NJ during the Civil Rights Era

Harry Eberts

During the interview Harry talked about his call to ministry and the impact of religion on his life. Harry also discussed multiple historical events and particular important people throughout history. He also discussed his relationship with his wife. Harry mentions...

David Dodson and Christy Hightower
January 17, 2017 App Interview

David Dodson tells the story of the time he spent with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as one of about twenty college students who got to listen to, and ask questions of, Dr. King on August 23, 1963. David remembers...

Racial Equality

A biracial couples view on racial equality, talking about their past and present. And discussing the future of civil rights.

Racism, COVID-19 and mental sacrifice

I interview my grandmother about the pandemic were living in (COVID-19), Racism in the late 1940s and mental health arising in this pandemic.

Maggie Walton and her grandmother discuss life growing up in rural Alabama

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Birmingham, Alabama, Maggie Walton (17), interviews her grandmother, Martha Thornburgh (81). This interview discusses Martha’s childhood as well as relationships with her family. Martha shared stories of growing up in Alabama, and...