Granville Hutton Jr. interview his father Granville Hutton Sr. in 1962.

Granville Sr. describes from his early memory of leaving Kansas as a boy and settling in Eastern Colorado. His family, farming as a boy and family man, the old home place, death of his two younger brothers, hauling grain to...

A memorable interview between good friends——Andy and Sunny

Andy interviewed her good friend Sunny who were Andy's roomate and deskmate in high school. They talked about some memories of the past, personal experiences and thought, and expectations for the future. They really enjoyed it and had a good...

Maya Welland and Dvora Caspi

Dvora Caspi (81) talks with her granddaughter (17), about her life experiences such as her activity in the Civil Rights Movement, experiences living in Israel, and her current bond with her family.

Kate Freeman and Kim Banker

Kate Freeman (52) talks with her niece Kim Banker (36) about Kate’s Navy service, the 18 months she spent in Botswana serving in the Peace Corps, and how her Peace Corps experiences changed her. Kate now wants to go back...