Frances Long and Nelson Simon

storyteller worked near the Trade Center, was in shock, walked across Brooklyn Bridge

The Faith of a Single Mother

My mother, Kristi Wunderlich raised seven kids on her own and put all of her faith into the Lord. She talks about why she is strong in her faith, why she put everything into growing in it, and the dark...

Ava Vu and Kim Nguyen Interview between daughter and mother.
January 25, 2021 App Interview

Ava Vu: 2021-01-25 01:47:26. Kim Nguyen (48) talks with her daughter, Ava Vu (14) about her childhood in Vietnam and experiences from immigrating to America and growing up.

Vinayak Talla and AliceMae Lacson

AliceMae Lacson talks about her childhood, culture, religion, and identity growing up as a first generation Filipino American.