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The Beatles, Music, and Mass Media Through the Decades with Sarah Burroughs and Chip Carter

Sarah Burroughs: 2020-11-21 22:44:47 An interview with Journalism teacher Chip Carter by former student Sarah Burroughs in which they discuss the influence and impact of the Beatles on the music industry and on music as a form of mass communication,...

What Came Before Streaming, iPhones, and Social Media?

Kassidy Hudson (19) speaks with her grandfather, Bruce Kirsch (64) about how media and mass communications has changed in historic ways throughout his upbringing.

Bobby Sidney on music he listened to throughout the decades

Jimmy Sidney interviews his father Bobby Sidney about the music he listened to growing up and as an adult. He also touches on why popular music is popular, and how certain genes like gogo, hip hop, and modern day rap...

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Work Life in the Banking Industry: An Interview With My Mom

In this interview with my mom, we talk about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her work life within the banking industry. We also discuss how this pandemic is being covered in the news and media.

Music’s Influence through the ages

A very insightful and eye-opening chat with my mother about music and other media’s influence on her life growing up compared to now.

Mass Communications New-Media project

I (Grant Brewer, 19) interview my mother (Ashley Brewer, 40s) about life pre and post social media, the big news of the 80s and advertising.

Instant Replay: My Dad’s years at the NFL + The teamwork between Football & Media (PART 1)

Touchdown! Ex Vice President of Operations for the Houston Texans, Barry Asimos reflects on his time at the NFL, & how the media plays into it all.

From Turntables to iPods: The Evolution of Technology in the Media with Gabriela Gonçalves and Jim Vitak

Gabriela Gonçalves talks with Jim Vitak, a family friend that has a lot of experience in the field of mass communication, about the evolution of technology in media and how it affected him throughout his career.

Masc 101 concert interview

Myself and Lily D. sit down and chat about her concert experiences and how they have changed her.