Personal Challenages and Strengths

How maturity got me through obstacles I faced at a young age.

On growing and maturing

I, Paula, interview my mom, Maria, in a short recalling of her life and what she's learned growing older. We talk about her house life with 3 siblings, her transition from college to high school, and what she's enjoyed and...

Life Lessons

This interview was about life lessons and fulfilling your dreams and goals. In this interview was Jaden Williams and Linda Williams. She is my grandmother, I am 14 years old and this interview is located in Inglewood, California. The best...

Military Travels

My step father’s name is Kennith Setty and is currently 40 years old. He first joined the military when he was 19 when he realized college wasn’t the right fit for him. He currently lives in Fresno working as a...

Past Affecting The Present.

This is an interview between me the interviewer and my mom the interviewie. We discuss he past and how it has affected her and shaped her as a person to later shape me. My mother's story talks about events that...

Sarah Richmond and Leah Richmond

Mother and daughter Leah Richmond (52) and Sarah Richmond (19) talk about their journey together as mother and daughter after Leah adopted Sarah from foster care at age 10.

Talking about the greatness of life

Jesus heredia shows gratitude as he talks about his parents and how his childhood was. Through a struggle in life with almost not graduating highschool and never finishing college he has still managed to be optimistic. Following a miscarriage he...

Interview with mom

Discussion of our parent - child relationship, and my mother’s relationship with her father.

interviewing my dad
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Sean Evans 19 years old Anthony Evans 43 years old love his family gives great fatherly advice has shown growth and maturity

Car Interview With Penny!

Dive into an interview about maturity, literature, and work that will keep you entertained and wanting more!


We talked about the personal life Jeffrey and his personal image

The Cat is Staring At Us Angrily

We talk about happiness, the importance of telling people you love them, and what Danny would say to their teenage self.

Mommy Chats with Yolanda Febres

My mom is the most significant individual that is a part of my life. Her life, her story is the reason why I am here today smiling and enjoying the many blessings I have.

Fran Close and C. Perry Brown

Dr. Fran Close (54) interviews her good friend and colleague Dr. C. Perry Brown (74) about his journey toward becoming an epidemiologist, his work as a researcher and college professor, and the relationships that both keep him grounded and make...

Marlena Miller and Veronica Monjaras

Mentor Marlena Miller (42) and her mentee, Veronica Monjaras (17), open up about their connection, their struggles with anxiety and the things that make them proud of themselves and each other.