"Giving Your Attention to Something Different." an interview with Trevor McDougall

It took 21 years for Trevor McDougall to leave Australia, but when he did, he was on a plane headed to the University of Cambridge and a masters and Ph.D. in Oceanography. Besides the life-changing event of going from one...

Tom House and Marianne Estournes
December 11, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Marianne Estournes (65) and Tom House (72) talk about their backgrounds, political philosophies and personal limits.

Sharon Bloemendaal and John Bloemendaal

Spouses Sharon Bloemendaal (80) and John "Jack" Bloemendaal (80) share a conversation about their upbringing in Iowa, what brought them to Rochester, New York, and the things they value most in life.

Bob Banghart and Scott Carrlee
January 10, 2009 Alaska Kit C

Scott Carrlee 45 brought his co-worker,Bob Banghart, the curator of exhibitions at the Alaska State Museum to talk technically and philosophically about what a museum should do.

"I've always had an interest and a fascination with space." A conversation with Jonathan Hale.

Jonathan Hale is one of 25 students in the new Student Airborne Science Activation (SaSa) program at the NASA Ames Research Center. Students at SaSa are undergraduates from minority-serving institutions, competitively selected across the United States. Over the course of...

Dr. Isaac Jung. Ph.D. about composite material, specialize in Mechanical Engineering. Taught 30 years at St Martin’s University.

The competitions and having skills to finding a job. Experience weapons development research engineer for 14 years. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Covid-19. The motive behind teaching all these years. Would you study while your in the emergency room?

Interview with my Grandpa, Denis Richmond

This interview was conducted for an AP Language project where we were tasked to interview a close elder and give insightful reviews and ask questions so we can further understand how cool our elders really are. I, Seth Greenland(16) interview...