Evolution of media technology over the years interview with Subha Balakumar

In this interview on TkTv podcast, Thirulok Balakumar interviews Subhashanie Balakumar about the evolution of media technology over her life and how it is different from where she grew up to her life in the United States.

New Media Project

The history and impact of media on somebody's life.

The Effect of Mass Media On The Young And The Old

Young student Deija Bowden shares with me how social media has grew in her household and how it has effected her whole family of different ages.

Robert Baumann Shares his Experiences with News and Media

Listen to hear stories about a 91 year old man who served in the military, worked on a tobacco farm, and watched the moon landing himself!

Interview with Director Quek

This interview is about the experiences working in media or film industry, and the change in the working environments and technologies for a director. The director that I ha interviewed for is Director Quek Shio Chuan, graduated UTAR broadcasting senior....

The media’s role on education and music- As told through a woman who grew up in southern Virginia

This interview highlights the changes in media over time and how it has affected both music and music listening habits as well as the education systems in the US.

News Media Interview

My name is Ziad Haboush and I am a senior at VCU and this is my interview for the News Media Project for MASC-101. I will be interviewing my mother LouLou Haboush on her experiences, memories, and thoughts on how...

Communication And Media Around the World from A Different Perspective

Barbara Cohen sits down and joins me in a conversation about the changes in communications, media, and technology and her experiences with these changes growing up around the world.


Childhood media use and growing up back than with tapes and newspapers

New media project

I sit down with close family friend and New York Times Publisher Robert Millia to discuss the evolution of media and its impact on today’s society.

Old Media and New

Over Thanksgiving break, I had the pleasure to sit down with my grandmother and ask her some questions about how media and communication has changed over her lifetime.

Live the Question – Paulist Fr. Tom Gibbons

Paulist Fr. Tom Gibbons serves as the director of development and production at Paulist Productions in Los Angeles. In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Fr. Tom speaks about being a priest with a full-time job and how he strives to...

His Political Affiliation

Dylan Anders speaks his mind about his political history and what he has learned over his lifetime.

1954-2018: The Big Change

Here I will speak with my father on the changes he has seen in media since he was a young boy.

How has the internet changed your life? A son and his mother

A son asks his mother about how the internet has made a difference in her life and about the specific struggles she has overcome.

New Media Interview

Jeanelle speaks about the media’s effect on our society and each individual in it. She brings light to certain issues regarding consuming information from the media and it’s impact on an individual within a society.

“It’s a weird time”

My father reflected on his interaction with the media landscape in his young adult days and expressed his growing incredulity toward today’s news reporting. *I incorrectly stated the interview took place on Dec. 3 rather than Dec. 2*

Ariel and Emma November 2018

Today in our interview we discussed topics such as gender, sexuality, and how these topics are portrayed through politics and the media.

The Impacts Changing Media has on Salespeople.

Breanna Doyle, senior consultant of Pampered Chef, talked about her experience with how different forms of media changed her experience within her occupation.

Media and the Younger Generation

I sit down and talk to someone important in my life about the rising use of media and how it has changed the world.

Pam and Darren Gereau Media Interview

It was about what they were like as teens and what advice they have for teens now and in the future

A conversation about online media on new age technology

I interviewed my mother on the current issues at hand with the new age of online media and how our lives have revolved around social media to communicate with others.