Press Freedom Means Supporting Quality Journalism

I can commit to supporting and sharing quality journalism along with holding my community accountable for news that they share. I can also work with members in my community to ensure that they can discern from fraudulent to factual news.

Archive Oologah- Faith and John Wylie

Jamie and Madison of Archive Oologah interview John and Faith Wylie, a couple whose lives were shaped by journalism– which in turn allowed them to shape Oologah by running the local paper.

Final Project: Oral History of the Challenger Explosion; with Tom Herbert

Today I, Lucas Kirby, interviewed Tom Herbert, a department head from the school that Christa McAuliffe taught at. We talked about the days leading up to the lift off, the morning of, and the days follow the explosion. We also...

Pam and Darren Gereau Media Interview

It was about what they were like as teens and what advice they have for teens now and in the future

LIVe Media

I interview Chris Blue and talk about the factors that caused him to be apart of LIVe.

Ariel and Emma November 2018

Today in our interview we discussed topics such as gender, sexuality, and how these topics are portrayed through politics and the media.

Max Ames Media Project

I talked to my father about how media and news has changed us

Media Interview With My Mom

I sat down with my mom to discuss how media was distributed back when she was growing up in Korea and what differences there are from then to now.

Mass com interview

Interview with an my father that immigrated to the United States from Egypt in 2000

Thoughts of GE 14 and the broadcast of media of 20-30 years ago

This is my mother’s thoughts about General Election and the broadcast of media nowadays compare with 20-30 years ago.

The Truths of Bertille Terri Schantz

I interviewed my biggest role model and mother, Terri Schantz. Terri grew up in democratic rural Iowa with a politically active and very republican mother and a father who was a world war 2 veteran. She learned and abided by...

My dad talks about his experience covering 9/11 for the newspaper

My father covered the 9/11 attacks for the newspaper. In this interview we talked about that crazy day and what he saw.

Digital Media & Music in the late 80s & 90s vs. now.

Interview with my mother discussing her experience with digital media and music growing up vs. in today’s society.

Post GE14 thoughts about media.

My father’s thoughts about the media back then and now.

Media in the past and present

Interviewing Debbie and her taking us through how media has changed in her life.

1954-2018: The Big Change

Here I will speak with my father on the changes he has seen in media since he was a young boy.

The consequences for your actions

My mom and I discussed how careful you need to be with your actions because they will haunt you in the future.

On Vietnam

My Uncle Dan recalls his teenage years as the news cycle gradually revealed the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Preventing media bias

Sam Raudins discusses problems with media bias while covering elections and how we might avoid that bias.

News Media Interview

My name is Ziad Haboush and I am a senior at VCU and this is my interview for the News Media Project for MASC-101. I will be interviewing my mother LouLou Haboush on her experiences, memories, and thoughts on how...

Interview with Jeffrey Kerrane, by Alexis Kerrane on May 19th, 2019

In this interview, conducted in Broomfield, Colorado on May 19th, 2019, Alexis Kerrane interviews her father Jeffrey Kerrane about his life. He shared stories about his political involvement as a high schooler, his experiences with being a law student while...