Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond was a physician in the army. Here’s his story.

Joyce Richmond and Jerry DeWitt

Friends Joyce Richmond (83) and Jerry DeWitt [no age given] talk about Jerry's decades of military service, Joyce's experience being a Gold Star Mother, and their shared commitment to volunteerism.

The Survival of the Korean War

“Everyone has to watch each others backs.” (1:22) On January 6th of 2020 in Laurel Canyon, Mike Badalian was interviewed by Jessie Reitz on his experience in the Korean War and why it made such a big impact on his...

Ellie Kennedy and Marcia Franklin

Marcia Franklin (60) interviews friend and veteran Ellie Kennedy (65) about her experiences during the Gulf War. They also talk about life after the war, athleticism, and Gulf War Syndrome.

1960's Ken Ebner Interview

Evan Reinhart and Hailey McAtee interview Ken Ebner about his life during the 1960's and his experience as a medic in the Vietnam War.

The Great Vietnam War Medic… Ken Smith

I, Thomas Schmidt, interviewed a navy medic named Ken Smith. I talked to him about his childhood and about his life in the Navy.