Triunfando en la Adversidad: La Inspiradora Historia de Yolieny, Inmigrante Profesional en Puerto Rico USA.

Yolieny (44 años), nos narra su travesía migratoria desde la partida de su tierra natal Republica Dominicana, La entrevista con Yolieny, una inmigrante profesional que llega a Puerto Rico territorio de los Estados Unidos, revela sus desafíos al intentar ejercer...

The story of my family’s migration to UAE.

In this interview, we talked about how our families migrated to the UAE.

Generational Differences- Vanessa Muniz Interview w/ María Álvarez
December 5, 2022 App Interview

Interviewing my mother, Maria Alvarez, on her upbringing and it’s similarities/differences with my upbringing. Questions asked: -where did you grow up •religion •structure -coming to the US •differences •having children & teachings •religion -best accomplishments

Paola Leone’s Migration Story

Paola Leone was born in Italy, and migrated to the U.S.A. She had a great life in Italy, but she wanted to go to the U.S.A for better education. She planned to be in the U.S. for only two years,...

Denise Hartsough and Peter Strazdas

One Small Step partners Denise Hartsough (64) and Peter Strazadas (64) talk about their backgrounds, values, experiences with race, and their perspectives on the role of government.

Story of my mother’s immigration

Learn about the story of immigration and lessons learned.

Interview w/ Adam Polakowski (Polish/US Citizen) (October 22, 2018)

Interview discussing his families as well as his own troubles moving from Poland to the US.

Interview with my Grandpa: West Virginia to Seattle

My grandpa’s time as a military police officer and his migration to Seattle


My subject is my grandmother, Ana. She is 60 years old. My mother Maria answered the questions in behalf of my grandmother due to language difficulties. My interview was based on her journey from El salvador to the United States.

Hawu Juhye Lim and Yuchen Chang

Friends Hawu Juhye Lim (34) and Yuchen Chang (34) ask each other about family, home, and living in New York after leaving their places of origin.

The Struggles of Immigration
January 22, 2020 App Interview

From Mexico to the United States, Olivia Lopez has stayed brave and fearless. Olivia has been my house-keeper since I was born and would always take care of me as a baby. In minute 8 of the interview by Emmy...

The History of the Ross family, with Kevin Ross. From Mexico, to Arizona, to California.

Ashton Ross interviews his father Kevin Ross about his life, values, and family history. And they discuss the regional history of California, Arizona, and Mexico, and what it’s like to live on the border of two unique cultures.

Immigration Stories Italy: Osmil

Osmil is a recent immigrant to Italy from Guatanamo, Cuba having only arrived 7 months ago. Osmil is in the country on a visiting visa living with his sister in Piotello, a town on the outskirts of Milan. Osmil has...

Interviewing an Iraqi Refugee

My name is Nadia Albino, an MSW student at Loyola University Chicago. In this interview I speak to Moustafa Aldouri. As a student specializing in migration studies I focused on the experience of a refugee in the United States. Moustafa...

Interview with my father

For the most part we talked about how life was like for my father growing up. We also talked about his life while at school.

Mi Casa Es Aquí: Alexa Morales & Her Grandmother Guadalupe Bravo

Alexa Morales (20) interviews her grandmother, Guadalupe Bravo (72) about her family's origins, childhood in Mexico, migration to the United States with her family, and family traditions.