Helen Lovern and Douglas Lovern

Douglas Lovern (68) has a conversation with his wife Helen Lovern (70) about their lives serving for the Air Force, some of their memories working at the hospital as nurses, and falling in love.

John F. Kennedy's Assassination from the Perspective of a Solider

David McVey speaks with his grandson Addison Bauer about his experience hearing the news of John F. Kennedy's death whilst stationed in Japan. He talks about the reactions of himself, his friends, the Japanese and what he saw globally.

Karen Pell and John Byrnes

One Small Step partners Karen Pell (69) and John Byrnes (57) talk about the partisan divide, their connections to the military, and the debate around gun control.

Lynne DeCora and Brian Rush

[Recorded Thursday, November 4, 2021] Lynne (25–34) and Brian (65–74) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed growing up in military families, international travel, American foreign policy, and climate change.

When Media Met the Military

Susan Suddoth (46), an intelligence specialist in the NAVY, talks with her daughter, Angelina Suddoth (19), a VCU student, about how the media affects the United States military. They talk about how tv shows and movies can affect the attitudes...

2022 Great Thanksgiving interview
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Olivia Lovett (16) talks with her great uncle Al Bennett (84) about his life in the military, how he met his wife, his career after that, what family means to him and opinions about the world

Joyce Brake and Adam Brake

Joyce Brake (44) asks her husband Adam Brake [no age given] about his service in the Army. Adam shares how the military has shaped his life, shares some funny stories, and considers how the public's view of the Army has...

Alexander Christman and Erin Batten-Hicks

Alexander "Alex" Christman (43) has a conversation with his friend and student Erin Batten-Hicks (18) about his time serving in the Navy as a cryptologic technician, some of the people he met in bootcamp, and his career as a history...

Daniel Simmons

We talked about his military experiences. And what it was like to be in the military

Henry J. Balderrama and Noah Balderrama talking about life during the Vietnam War.

On April 30th, 2021, my grandfather (70) and I (21) discussed his youth growing up in Arizona and making his way to California. My grandfather was not as lucky as some children and was in the foster care system for...

Salem High School NJROTC Vets and Cadets A Veteran's Legacy Project

This is an interview of a retired USN veteran about his personal life before joining the miilitary, while in service and after his service. The interviewed veteran is CPO Lim, Dominador who was an EMC in the Navy.

Yen Kha Luong and James Innes

Yen Luong (17) talks with her grandpa, James Innes (60) about his experience and what he suffered when he was just a boy until now.