Upward Mobility in the U.S. Army

We talked about Richard growing up poor in Texas, going into the army, coming out and earning his graduate degree from Harvard Law.

Rogue and Lisa talk about giving veterans the tools they need to get jobs, and then stay and grow in those jobs

The Central Florida Disability Chamber of Commerce provides information and education on business creation and growth, specifically designed for people with disabilities. They have taken over 550 veterans and their families through the Veterans Business Initiative (VBI) over seven seasons.

Veteran Army Ranger comes home

Ken Mellick and his son Jared Mellick discuss Ken joining the army at age 18 and serving proudly in Vietnam and the leadership lessons that helped him throughout his life.

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See my video on https://youtu.be/wOe_5LHX7QM Interview with my Dad about his military experiences and how he feels about parenting. Scholarship submission for grade 6 PCD from my intellectual curiosity and educated at the Pinecroft School with Ms Pinto.

Nick Lavery

Special Forces Warrant Officer Nick Lavery discusses his life, service, and philosophies.

20 Years of Service in the Marine Corps

Carter asks Ryan about how he came to serve in the military, what his proudest moment was, any time he was afraid and what lessons he learned

Remembering Msgt. Tara Jacobs Brown

Msgt. Tara Brown was KIA (killed in action) 4/27/2011 in Kabul with eight of her brothers in arms. Her father, Jim Jacobs, started Tara R. Jacobs Brown Scholarship Foundation Inc. in her honor.

John Laukkanen

John Laukkanen talks about his experience serving as a marine in WWII. Originally interviewed by Peter Shiavone on QATV's Veteran's Corner.

Dave Becker

Dave Becker talks about his time serving in the 78th Army Infantry in France and in Germany in WWII.