Lee Kempf’s childhood in Madison, Wisconsin and his Military service.

Lee Kempf talks about his childhood in Madison, Wisconsin during the depression and his military service in Okinawa.

Charles Doggett and Virginia Lora

Charles Doggett (71) talks with facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about growing up in Arkansas and Oklahoma, studying religious education and doing missionary work. He also talks about his relationships with his two children and his ex-wife.

Boy Scouts in the Philippines

Gary Gell grew up in the Philippines during the Vietnam war, and had many adventures and stories about his young life. In this interview 15 year old Campbell Hall student Jeremiah Gell interviews his father Gary Gell on January 7th...

Alden Wright, Sally Wright, Kevin Wright, and Eric Wright

Spouses Alden Wright [no age given] and Sally Wright (78), speak to their two sons, Eric Wright (49) and Kevin Wright (47), about their grandparents, vacationing in Montana, and a commitment to curiosity, science, and the outdoors.

Andrew Weber and Jessica Hong

Andrew Weber (24) and his mentor, Jessica Hong (39), share a conversation about family, camping, amusement parks, and movies. Andrew also remembers the loved ones who he has lost and shares life advice for those listening.

Kurt Opprecht and Bruce Broman

Friends Kurt Opprecht (60) and Bruce Broman (60) recount some of their favorite memories of the outdoors in their long and storied friendship.

James McNair and Stephanie Louie

James (24) and his sister, Stephanie (32), talk about their shared experience of Type 1 Diabetes. They talk about day to day life, summer camp (Camp EDI), and the future of the disease.

FYS Interview about the theme of legacy with David Simms by David Simms

I interviewed David Simms for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book...

Troy’s Grandfather

Troy talks about his grandfather and the relationship he had with him.

Julie Bradley

An interview covering the adventurous life of Julie Bradley. Including her exclusive on ski patrol, a fire crew, and as a scoutmaster and parent.

Caleb in the Boy Scouts
November 14, 2022 App Interview

Questioning what Caleb has learned from the Boy Scouts and what it has caused him to do.

Claire Robinett and Sophia Hamilton

Friends and colleagues Claire Robinett (15) and Sophia Hamilton (16) reflect on their time leading young scouts at the National Youth Leadership Training. The two express their appreciation for one another as they remember how they pushed each other to...

How the Boy Scouts made me learn to swim.
December 14, 2021 App Interview

Mr. Bennett tell us how was his childhood on the Boy Scouts and how that made him learn how to swim.

Bernadine Manning and Liam Manning

Liam Manning (27) and his mom Bernadine “Bernie” Manning (58) come together to talk about parenting, particularly what it was like for Bernie to raise a queer child and Liam’s journey of self-discovery. They also reflect on their relationship and...

Ed Pedi and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Award-winning professional photographer Ed Pedi shares his life story, from growing up in Chelsea with his 7 siblings to his passion for photography, traveling the globe by motorcycle, and the lessons that he learned.

Stephen Demarest and Daniel Smith

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Demarest (41) and Daniel "Dan" Smith (55) have a conversation about their experiences as fathers of older kids, influential experiences with scout masters, and the complexities of participating in the pledge of allegiance.