Me & my miracle

We really just talked about life in general. I wanted to know what he thought of me as his mom.

Dennisse Reyes and Adam Pallant

Dennisee Reyes (41) speaks with her colleague, Adam Pallant (56), about how she has a natural way of allowing patients and residents open up to her and seek guidance from her. Adam tells Dennisse how crucial her work has been...

Sarah Moriarty and Marilyn Lindsey

One Small Step conversation partners Sarah Moriarty (32) and Marilyn Lindsey (67) discuss their families, working as educators, and their political views.

A sit down with my parents who shares a story that changed both their lives forever
November 1, 2018 App Interview

In a sit down with Mr & Mrs Darville who happens to be my parents, they both share experiences throughout their 29 years of Marriage, from miscarriages to even losing a whole eye. My father is a bit reserved so...

Deborah Nelson Linck and Daniel Linck

Deborah Nelson Linck (66) has a conversation with her husband, Daniel Linck (62), about how they met, their marriage, and their family.

Lauren Sawson and Sara Epstein

Lauren shares with her friend Sara the story of her miscarriage. How the emotional and physical pain she has been through has changed her and the steps she has taken to heal.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 26, 2021

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (40) about her life from 1957 to present day, including her family being posted in Germany after the occupation ended and raising children while moving around the country for...

Sabrina Carver and Rachel Erickson

Sabrina (44) and Rachel (36) talk about what brought them to Providence as young CNAs and the Mission that has kept them here as they have developed their nursing careers. Includes stories of loss, grief, and the support they received...

Nancy Goodall and Elise Vess

One Small Step partners Nancy Goodall (63) and Elise Vess (31) discuss the losses they’ve experienced, consider how therapy has influenced them, and talk about their relationship to religion and spirituality. They also share their political views and their experiences...

Rachel Pettis and Hannah Gibson

Sisters Rachel Pettis (33) and Hannah Gibson (45) sit down for a conversation about their family and the different experiences they had growing up as siblings born eleven years apart.

Life after my miscarriage

My mom and her miscarriage after children

Interview with my mom

My mom starts explaining about how her life has changed completely in America.

Nicole Roediger and Jeffrey Behrick

One Small Step conversation partners Nicole Roediger (59) and Jeffrey Behrick (40) talk about both being from the Carolina's, where the young get their info, 2022 being the best year ever and surviving cancer.

Danielle Jenkins and Marie Ballance

Danielle shares with Marie her story of always wanting to be a mother and trying for 5 years to get pregnant as a single mom. When she finally got pregnant at 41 she miscarried the baby and the trauma and...

Krishna Pakala and Anne Hamby

Colleagues Krishna Pakala (40) and Anne Hamby (36) share a conversation about their careers and working together as colleagues. Krishna describes happy moments and lessons he has learned in his life, and Anne talks about how she would like her...

Yasuharu Okuda and Phillip Wortham

Colleagues Yasuharu "Haru" Okuda (49) and Phillip Wortham (39) share the experiences that led them to undertake careers in medical simulation and explain the importance of simulated medical practice for reducing patient harm and loss of life.

Losing a Loved One You Never Got to Meet

Interview with best friend from TCC Jodie. Her experience with the loss of her baby.

Gina Moore and Chris Moore

Spouses, Gina Moore (36) and Chris Moore (36), reflect on their experiences of infertility and miscarriages. They talk about their decision to try in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the process of becoming pregnant as a result.