Modeling Mom interview

I have an interview with my mom about her childhood modeling and pageant life

An Interview with Kristy Jessica— a full time Model & Film-maker Living/Traveling in a Van

Kristy Jessica is a full time traveling model and film-maker who has embraced van living. She talks about how she got into it, what she loves and hate about it.

My Isnpiration in life

In this interview that took place in two different locations. Through Skype, Maria Eugênia (19), a Brazilian international student, interviews her mother, Marisa (49), that is current in her home country Brazil. It happened on October, 2017, on a Monday...

"There were are two paths, figure out how things work or figure out to forecast things." an interview with Paul Stackhouse

Paul Stackhouse is a sun chaser, but in his case it means measuring the surface radiation budget. This means figuring out how much sunlight gets to the surface of the planet, and takes a deep understanding of factors like cloud...

“The measurements are telling us a critical component of climate change.” an interview with Norman Loeb

Clouds are among the most unpredictable components of climate models. But Norman Loeb is working hard to sort out the shape of cloud patterns in order to improve the accuracy of long-term weather predictions. As far as understanding how all...

Jake Rongholt interviews Stacy

We talked about how she got to Full Sail. Dived into what she does outside of this program and finally what family meant to her.

The child of German immigrants living in Chicago’s Polish enclave as the German Army marched into Poland

An only child of a dysfunctional family, her incredible faith, upbeat view of the world, and "can do" work ethic provided the catalyst to a better life. She married Tom Norton in 1953 and moved several times from coast to...

Interview with Momma Crysthal

I interviewed my mother-in-law to be. She is a highly educated well read and traveled black woman who had many insights on what it was like to grow up in post segregation America and many more life experiences. The intro...

Victoria Turtiainen and her grandmother, Arja Turtiainen, talking about how she grew up and lived in three different countries.

This interview took place on December 2, 2018, in Fairfax Virginia in Arja Turtiainen’s home. Victoria and Arja Turtiainen discuss how Arja grew up and her different experiences in life. Arja Turtiainen was born in Finland, then moved to Kenya,...

“What If I Just Do It”—The Perseverance of a Dancer

A story of woman’s determined life journey across the continents and various obstacles into being a ballerina. Her high and low experiences working as a full time international professional dance model.

Acting on the ranch

When Linda Gray was told she couldn’t become an actress, she didn’t listen, and did what felt right to her. In November of 2017, 15 year old Jack Sloane interviewed his grandma, Linda Gray. He later found out she started...

Beatrice Eng-McDonald

Beatrice Eng-McDonald is also known as Arabella Woodson in The Dojo On The Loose the Loose coming out in January.