Me & Ma

Little more than casual conversation with my mom.

A Talk With Mom

I had a little talk with my mom another past. It was informative and interesting. Some things I already knew but other things were brand new to me.

Interview with mom

I interview my mom who shared many stories I had never heard before and made me laugh with some experiences she went through.


This is my Thanksgiving Interview with my Mom, Maria Shelby.


An interview where I talked to my mom about what she’s most proud of.

Being a mother

A mother recollects her fond memory of being a parent

I interviewed my mom

My mom talking about coming to the US.


Me and moms sit down conversation

Interactive Media US History Assignment

We're not very interactive in our family, so this was a huge step social-wise

My real mother

This is the person who’s helped me through school


I ask my mom about her childhood and what she did right in her younger years.

Getting to know my Mom

So ask your questions about her childhood and how her experience of everything that she's been through I shaped her and positive or negative way this person and what I mean to her and what she never got to tell...

My beautiful mother

My mom has always been a big influence on my life and I love her so much.