Daniel Pincu and Elise Pincu Delfield

Daniel Pincu, 68, by his daughter, Elise Willa Pincu Delfield, 35 about his time in Turkey in the army. He took a picture at a wedding and 43 years later found the couple and gave them the picture.

Relationships and Situations

This interview it’s with my roommate Gabriella and one of my best friends. We talk about love and relationships and situationships. Along with growth through understanding significant others and working through issues.

Gloria Hanson and Paul Hanson

Gloria Hanson: 2020-12-19 16:15:10. Gloria Hanson, mother, 84 years old and son, Paul, age 58 talk about the long journey through mental illness and addiction

"My name is Imelda Camarena"

Imelda Camarena (47) talks with her daughter, Monserratt Castillo (14) about her childhood and her reaction to 9/11.

Craig Lee for the Indiana Voting History Project

Craig Lee is a naturalized US citizen. He is a teacher of Social Studies at North Central High School, Indianapolis. He discusses the problems he encounters when he votes in his first presidential election.

Interview with my Grandma

Gavin age 13 interviews Jeanne age 67. The topics include family, school, history, and relationships.