Bilal Baeza and Ezra Kelly

Bilal Baeza (20) and Ezra Kelly (23) discuss their experiences as artists and music creators, and the role of math in their creative process. They also discuss their thoughts on the afterlife and morality.

English Interview

This was an interview with my dad about his opinions on the world and issues. His opinions do not necessarily reflect mine.

Interview With My Mom: PLP English II Interview

I sat down with my mom, Marcey Sparenberg, who spoke on behalf of my grandmother, Shirley Sparenberg. She talked about my Grandma and Grandpa's generosity and kindness and how they received something they didn't even begin to expect. This falls...

Amy Walton and James Garrett

Partners Amy Walton (45) and James Garrett (46) discuss Star Wars' impact on James' life, their concerns for humanity, and the importance of cats to Amy.

Jeffrey Tlumak and Jennifer Westerholm

Jeffrey Tlumak (67) reflects on his childhood, his role as a father, and his relationship to his children with his daughter, Jennifer Westerholm (36).

Morality and Injustice interview

This is a project about morality and injustice