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Jean Stavros shares her history as seen through her eyes and heart with future generations

Jean Brown Stavros shares her life story and experiences from childhood during the great depression through motherhood after World War 2 and becoming a grandmother while working full time and going to school to become a nurse.

A talk with my mom about her childhood and life today

My mother Ashwini Hublikar has had a very interesting life--growing up in Nasik, India, she had a completely different experience growing up than I have. However, her experiences with art, music, reading, religion, and more have all informed how she...

Interview with my Mom
November 28, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my mom, Stacy Jacobson, for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. I asked her questions about her childhood and life growing up in the small town of Bowling Green, Ohio.

"I Had no Clue What I Was Doing"

Talking to my mom about me and her life.