interviewing mama about china.

lily nadler (F16) and molly dose (f46) mother daughter talk about molly going to China for an exchange program when she was in college (1990s)

Melinda and Emily

Emily and her mom, Melinda spam about their relationship. Her mother also expands more on her previous life before motherhood.

Daughter and Mother “Partner in Crime”

This is an interview of my mother and I, shes the most influential person in my life and I mostly knew all the answers to these question but I ask them anyway. We are practically identical and she is my...

Life After Diagnosis

This interviewee is my mom. She leads a very inspirational life. She’s been diagnosed with a few incurable diseases and instead of sulking and being self loathing - she’s chosen to inspired others that have similar obstacles to still live...

Marian Yasuda and Sally McIntosh

Marian Yasuda had a conversation with her mother, Sally McIntosh, about being a parent and the mother/daughter relationship.

Remembering Kiran: Our Little Ray of Light

When one of my twin sons Kiran was born, it became clear he had a neurodegenerative disease. His condition resulted in seizures, developmental delay and many hospitalizations. My mother and father helped me through this tough period; in this interview...

Mother and daughter! ~Helen and Lisa Beneker.

Helen Beneker: 2020-05-13 00:53:29 A mother and daughter share their experience of coming together as one through adaption.


MiShaye improve and ask her mother random questions.

My mom’s journey through motherhood

Kristen asks her mother about motherhood and her journey through it.

Interviewing my mother about her struggles as a woman of color
April 22, 2022 App Interview

On April 3, 2022, I (17) interviewed my mother, Erica Soriano (37). I chose to interview her because I wanted to know and learn more about her personal struggles and experiences with being a woman of color. During our interview,...

Queenie Marie Vesey and Na’Myiah Nevaeh Vesey

The Vesey Girls Queenie Marie Vesey (40) and her daughter Na’Myiah Nevaeh Vesey (18) talk about hard truths and healing, Na’Myiah’s journey navigating school, and making a difference.

Sarah Richmond and Leah Richmond

Mother and daughter Leah Richmond (52) and Sarah Richmond (19) talk about their journey together as mother and daughter after Leah adopted Sarah from foster care at age 10.

The Past And Now

A view of the past hardships and philosophical ideals of Mae Lynn Rita.

Storytelling Experiential Reflection Project

The main idea behind this interview was what my mom is grateful for in her life and her appreciation for her family and children

Penney Lary and Sandra Thornton

Penney Lary (45) asks her mother, Sandra Thornton (71) about her reasons for joining the military and her experiences within the army.

“I see the way you are and I’m very proud”

I interviewed my mother and asked her some questions about her past and present. I learned things about her that I didn’t know before.

The New Immigrants (LHP)

Adriana Guerrero talks about her immigration journey to the United States and her experiences in this country.